Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sex with your iPad? That's just wrong!

From the Huffington Post is a story of new technology designed to ease the sexual stress from your life. After you fly home do you miss your favorite gogo dancer or massage shop girl? Do you just have to see her and feel those warm lips pressed against you again? Well a company has spent over 2 years developing an iPad case that allows you to attach a Fleshlight directly to your iPad while you video chat with your favorite bar girl. You can have favorite girl put on a show and strip for you while the Fleshlight gives you a blow job! According to the company LaunchPAD this is the perfect accessory for men that watch adult content on mobile devices. In case you’re wondering the price is $24.95.

Commentary: I don’t know. Personally I think I’ll just save any extra cash I have until I can book a flight back to Bangkok and experience a bar girl girls lips in the flesh for a nice warm wet blow job versus a video chat and my dick stuck in a cold plastic fleshlight attached to an iPad. But that’s just me. Call me old fashioned. Maybe the young 20 year old guys love their technology more than this middle aged guy does. Lol…

 - Bangkok After Hours

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