Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
One Man's Wild Erotic Adventures in the Red Light Districts of Bangkok, Pattaya & Asia After Hours.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

My Life Story.... (Really)... Lol..

My life story:

I was lost in the woods as a child and raised by wolves.

I’ve travelled the world in search of adventure.

Powerful businessmen seek my advice.

I saved a small village in the Amazon jungle from a hoard of hungry fire ants with only a broom and a bucket of water.

I once stopped a herd of rampaging elephants in Africa by waving my arms like a bird.

I’ve gone white water kayaking and rafting.

I skydived out of a plane during a thunderstorm.

I’ve piloted glider planes and helicopters.

I outran a river of molten lava flowing from an active volcano.

I wrestled alligators for amusement.

I’ve fed Great White sharks by hand without using a protective cage.

I was once bitten by a poisonous cobra but the cobra died and I lived.

I eat healthy if you consider chocolate health food.

I’m a former race car driver on the go-kart track circuit.

I trained to be an astronaut.

I gambled big but lost bigger.

I was going to join the Navy and become a submariner but discovered I’m claustrophobic.

I was kidnapped by a TukTuk taxi driver once but I made a daring midnight escape.

I’ve been on secret missions but I can’t tell you about them.

I’ve climbed to the top of a sacred and ancient Buddhist mountain in China.

I once discovered the meaning of life but I forgot to write it down.

I swear I didn’t know she was a ladyboy with the full snip, clip and clit when I met her.

I take amazing world class digital photos of lingerie models in private.

Out of 1,000 sexual positions in the Kama Sutra I’ve tried 999.

Beautiful women woo me but none can claim me.

But the one thing I seek most is just one Thai girl with a creative mind and a sense of humor that can make me laugh and be my best friend as well as a skilled lover if only for one night…..

 - Bangkok After Hours

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