Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Brit has Unluckiest Day & Luckiest Day…

From Pattaya One News we have a 78 year old Brit living in Pattaya who had both the unluckiest day and his luckiest day of his life in the same day. That’s because an out of control crane that had lost its brakes on North Pattaya road hit and knocked over a street pylon. The Brit was sitting in his car stopped in traffic at the time. The unluckiest part of his day came when the pylon came crashing down over the driver’s side of his car smashing it like it was clay. The luckiest part of the Brit’s day was that he was able to crawl out of the now smashed car without injury!

Commentary: You take your life in your hands even when your car is just sitting in traffic in Pattaya. I wouldn’t be surprised if the police confirm the crane had faulty brakes. Judging by the many stories we’ve read of similar accidents brake maintenance on large vehicles is something that just doesn’t seem to get checked frequently enough!

 - Bangkok After Hours

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