Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
One Man's Wild Erotic Adventures in the Red Light Districts of Bangkok, Pattaya & Asia After Hours.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Ladyboy Love Gone Bust Over Perfume….

I saw a Facebook post and numerous comments about a guy that fell in love with one of Pattaya’s most beautiful and popular ladyboys and is now all broken hearted about it. Apparently he gave the ladyboy some expensive perfume and she posted a pic of her with it. But apparently he was under the assumption that full love was in bloom. He got all bent when he discovered that the ladyboy was still going with customers. WTF???? Seriously? Hahahahhahahaha…..

Commentary: Buddy get a reality check! The ladyboy works in a popular ladyboy bar. Her job is serving up cocktails. Her cock and her tail! Not just tequila’s and beer! WTF!

 - Bangkok After Hours

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