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Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Liberians Sucker Russian Out of 200,000 Baht..

From the Bangkok Post is the story of 2 Liberians that suckered a Russian that had advertised his boat to sell for 31 million Baht ($1 million dollars). After the deal was agreed to the Liberians told the Russian they needed 200,000 Baht from him in order to secure the transfer of $1 million dollars from Ghana.

The Russian agreed and wired the money! Later on the Liberian men met up with the Russian and handed him a briefcase full of black paper. They told the Russian the $1 million dollars was treated with a chemical to turn the cash black for security reasons. In order to rinse the paper he would have to pay them an additional 300,000 Baht for a special chemical spray. The Liberians promised to refund the 300,000 Baht later.
At this point the fog must have cleared in the Russians brain and he woke up and became suspicious. He reported the Liberians to the police who soon arrested them for their scam.

Commentary: How can anybody with more than 2 brain cells be so stupid? Give me 200,000 Baht first and then I’ll get you the money I owe you? Oh, and the money is black but you can rinse it clean? WTF? I got to find this Russian. I’ve got a Honda that if you wash it I promise it will look just like a Mercedes Benz. Really it will! But first I’ll need 100,000 Baht to provide you with the special car wash ingredients! Lol..

 - Bangkok After Hours

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