Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Friday, December 19, 2014

Thai Husband Riddles German With Bullets..

From The Bangkok Post is the story of 51 year old German that was sharing drinking with a Thai woman Chon Buri. All was good until the Thai woman’s very jealous husband arrived. Words were exchanged and then the Thai boyfriend pulled a .38 caliber pistol and unloaded 6 bullets on his wife and her new German friend.

Apparently this wasn’t the first time he had done some something like this in a jealous rage. He was apparently on bail while his death sentence for a jealous murder last year was on appeal!
Both victims were rushed to the hospital and are expected to recover. Thai Thai husband however was shot dead when he turned to fire 2 bullets at the police who were not amused.

Commentary: My advice? When another man walks up to your table and you find out that it’s the jealous husband of the girl you’re with then it’s time to put down your drink, tell him that you were just keeping a seat for him and then make like a magician and disappear. Who needs any more drama in their life? You’ve got plenty of that back home!

 - Bangkok After Hours

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