Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Brit Bashed With Baseball Bat Over Bar Bill…

From the Phuket Gazette is the story of a 64 year old British expat that works as a teacher in Thailand. He was enjoying a couple of drinks at the Green Leaf Bar in Rawai but then discovered that he didn’t have enough cash. The bartender was apparently not amused.
The Brit told police he didn't think it would be a problem as he was a regular at the bar. But the bartender pointed to a sign on the wall that says “No Credit Allowed”. A foreign lady involved with the bar agreed to lend the Brit the Baht but then he and the bartender got into a verbal argument and the bartender went into a back room.

The foreign lady involved then told the Brit that the bartender had gone to grab a baseball bat and that the Brit should leave quickly. The Brit panicked and rushed outside to get on his motorbike but couldn’t find his key. By then it was too late as the bartender bashed the Brit in the back of the head four times. According to the Brit he was covered in blood when 3 policemen arrived but that they didn’t seem very interested nor did they ask him any questions.

Commentary: Let me get this straight.  The Brit goes to a Thai bar without enough cash to even pay for 2 freaking drinks? Then nearly gets his brains bashed out over arguing with the bartender for not having the Baht and making a run for it. Oh, and the Brit couldn't find his motorbike key? After only having 2 drinks? Then the police arrive and didn't ask any questions? Seems to me that there’s more to this story and more than 2 drinks involved. What do you guys think?

 - Bangkok After Hours

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