Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Korean Tourist Plunges off 26th Floor Bangkok Condo

From The Bangkok Post is the unusual story of a Korean man that had checked into a rented condo Sunday January 4th in Bangkok but then checked out the hard way on Tuesday January 6th.  He fell to his death off the 26th floor balcony. Was he drunk? Nope. He had hired a masseuse to give him a traditional Thai massage (so they say) and after the massage the Korean asked the masseuse to take pictures of him for his photo album. After taking 2 inside photos the Korean went outside to pose for photos at the balcony. While posing he supposedly somehow slipped and fell over the balcony railing plunging the 26 floors to his death and landing at the entrance to the condo’s parking lot. Police are investigating the masseuse while awaiting autopsy results.

Commentary: Hmmmmm… Now there have been plenty of drunks that have tried to take pics on a balcony and fell off it in Thailand. But in this case it doesn't appear that alcohol was involved. The Korean simply “slipped” and then somehow fell over the balcony railing while the masseuse took his photo? Call me skeptical on this one guys! That’s one massage that definitely didn't have a “happy ending!” WTF!

 - Bangkok After Hours

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