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Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Monday, January 5, 2015

Pattaya Beach Ladyboy Cleans out Sri Lankan Tourist..

From Pattaya One News we have all kinds of crime updates today. A 53 year old Sri Lankan tourist was apparently robbed by a Pattaya Beach ladyboy and her friend that he took back to his hotel room for some fun. While he was showering they apparently grabbed 2,000 Euro’s and made a run for it. Police were later able to apprehend the paid but only 1,200 Euro’s (about 47,000 Baht) was recovered. Police believe the thieves already converted 800 Euro’s into about 31,000 Baht and spent it.

We also have an update on the 3 street vendors that attacked the Swiss tourist near Bali Hai Pier the other night. Police have arrested the 3 vendors but one claims that the Swiss tourist spent 100 Baht for tobacco but then wanted a refund because he thought it might be marijuana. During an argument the Thai alleges that the tourist produced a taser and used it on one of the vendors who apparently were not amused and then struck the tourist in the head with the wood stick claiming self defense. The Swiss tourist denies the allegation by the street vendor.

Commentary: Let’s start with the Sri Lankan tourist shall we? WTF was he doing with 2,000 Euro’s laying out in his hotel room where the Pattaya Beach freelancers could make a quick grab and run for it while he was in the shower? Anybody that dumb deserves to be robbed!

As for the 3 street vendors and the Swiss tourist it would seem that there was more to the original story as I suspected. My guess is there’s a bit of truth from both sides of this story but it’s up to the Pattaya Police to figure it out.

 - Bangkok After Hours

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