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Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Japanese Tourist Attempts Suicide in Pattaya….

From Pattaya One News is yet another story of a depressed tourist that visits Pattaya on a regular basis, lives with a Thai girlfriend and then apparently attempts suicide. This time we have a 40 year old Japanese man that is said to have attempted to hang himself with computer cables in a house he shares with his 39 year old Thai girlfriend. The girlfriend said that she was aware of problems that was causing the Japanese man to make regular calls to his mother in Japan. Hmmmmmm….

Although she is unaware of the details she assumed the suicide attempt was related to the phone calls. The Thai girlfriend says that she discovered her Japanese boyfriend hanging from a wooden partition at the back of the house and that she was able to remove the cable from around his neck. She then shouted for neighbors to assist her who in turn contacted rescue services who performed CPR. Although they managed to bring him back to life the Japanese man is in intensive care in critical condition.

Commentary: Must be a strong Thai girl to be able to get the cable off the guy’s neck that’s hanging from a wood partition. Hmmmm… There’s no mention of what his job was in Japan which makes me wonder if he was letting mommy dearest foot his bill for his trips to Pattaya. Could it be when he called home that mom said: “Sonny I’m cutting you off! No more cash for trips to see your Thai girlfriend! That’s it! No more!”. 

It would seem that there is a real tourist and expat suicide epidemic that’s hit Pattaya lately. This is the 3rd suicide or attempted suicide of a tourist or expat in the past couple of weeks! WTF is going on?

 - Bangkok After Hours

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