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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Turkish Tourist Killed in Koh Samui by Bar Manager

From ThaiVisa comes the story of yet another murder of a tourist on Koh Samui Island. This time it was a Turkish tourist. Initially the bar manager told police that the tourist pulled a pistol after the bar manager refused entry into his bar and then the bar manager shot the tourist to death with his shot gun. But the autopsy showed that the tourist had been shot with 2 different guns! After learning this police decided to check security camera footage in the area.

Security footage showed that the tourist was sitting at the bar in front of the pub and the bar manager raised his hands in an effort to tell him to leave. The bar manager then walked inside the bar and as the agitated Turkish tourist was seen trying to enter the bar. At this point the bar manager blasted the tourist with a shotgun.

However, the tourist was still alive and was seen on security footage crawling out of the bar. The bar owner was seen walking up to the tourist to finish him off by shooting the tourist at close range.
The .38 caliber pistol that the bar owner told police that the Turk had pulled? Security footage showed that the pistol belonged to the bar manager who then planted the gun into the now very dead tourists hands. What the bar manager didn’t realize was that the Turkish tourist was also actually carrying his own pistol!

Commentary: Congratulations to Koh Samui Island! You have now taken over the lead from Pattaya for the most brutally murdered tourists in Thailand! Better put up a sign. One thing also bothers me about this story. A Turkish tourist that really was carrying a gun? A lot of mystery around this story I’d say! As for Koh Samui? I’m permanently deleting it from my places to visit list.

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