Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Monday, March 16, 2015

Expat Promises iPhone.. Fails to Deliver. She Steals His Car...

From the Phuket Gazette we have the story of a 62 year old German expat living in Phuket that met a Thai woman on the social networking site Badoo. After 2 weeks of chatting online the Thai girl agreed to meet after the German promised to love in the way of a new iPhone and clothes if the Thai girl would become his girlfriend. On January 23 she accepted the Germans offer in good faith. After the German took the girl back to his home she spent the night.

The next morning the Thai girl asked the German to keep his promise of the iPhone and new clothes for her services rendered. According to the Thai girl the German started grumbling about his promise and ignored her requests. Needless to say the Thai woman was apparently pissed at being cheated by a cheap Charlie or in this case a cheap German.

After a second round with the Thai girl in the morning the German needed his sleep. The now vindictive Thai girl called her friend to pick her up and on the way out the door cleaned the German out by stealing 2 iPhones, amulets and a gold necklace worth 92,500 Baht, 10,000 Baht cash and the key to his car.

Unfortunately for the German he failed to change the ignition switch on his car. On February 2nd the Thai woman and her friend came back and drove away with the Germans car much to his dismay. After checking video footage police were able to track down the Germans car and found it outside a hair salon. The 2 women were arrested inside and charged with theft.

Commentary: Rule #1: Don’t over promise a Thai girl. Rule #2: If you break your promise of a free iPhone and clothing shopping trip in exchange for services and then find your iPhone, cash, gold and car stolen then you pretty much got what you deserved for being a cheap Charlie for over promising and then failing to deliver on what you had agreed to. I don’t have any pity on you for getting burned. This one is on you.

 - Bangkok After Hours

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