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Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Monday, March 30, 2015

Ladyboys Pickpocket Tourist on Soi 7 Outside Shooters Bar..

From Pattaya One News is the story of a drunk foreign tourist in his mid-twenties that police assisted after he was pickpocketed by 2 ladyboys on Soi 7 off Pattaya Beach road outside of Shooters bar.

The manager of the bar called police after he saw the ladyboys pickpocket the tourist who had been drinking inside of Shooters bar on the bars security camera.

The tourist was said to be heavily intoxicated when he stumbled out of the bar to smoke a cigarette. At that point a friendly ladyboy came up to the tourist and relieved him of his wallet and then made her way to a second ladyboy who was waiting on a motorbike with the engine running. Police took the tourist to the police station to make a report but the foreigner decided not to proceed with the case. Despite this Pattaya Police would like foreigners to be aware of the dangers of freelance ladyboys and other criminal elements who prey on vulnerable (drunk) foreign tourists around Pattaya.

Commentary: I guess the tourist didn’t want his photo to end up in Pattaya One. But it is good to note that the next time you’re out late at night in Pattaya and there’s a freelancer sitting on a nearby motorbike with the engine running while another freelancer ladyboy is nearby then you can pretty much be assured that they’re looking for their next victim of the night. Don’t let that guy be you! Of course if you’re falling down drunk when you leave the bar then there’s really no help for you guys. You’ve painted a sign on your own back that says “rob me, I’m drunk”.

 - Bangkok After Hours

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