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Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Friday, March 13, 2015

Taxi Driver Knocks Out Korean Tourist in Pattaya..

From Pattaya One News is the story of a video that’s going around the social media channels that appears to show a motorbike taxi driver in Pattaya punching out a Korean tourist and knocking him out for the count. Apparently someone at the Ann Bar located on Soi 5 on Pattaya Second road filmed the encounter. It all started when the Korean tourist ran up a bar tab at Ann Bar of 1,150 Baht and then found out that he didn’t have enough cash to pay the bill. He told the staff that he would go back to his hotel on Soi 4 and get the money and then return.

However, several hours went by before the Korean returned. At that time he told the bar staff that he had forgotten his hat but didn’t mention anything about paying for the 1,150 Baht bar tab that he had skipped out on earlier! You might guess that this didn’t go over well with the bar. But to make matters worse the Korean then also refused to pay the motorbike taxi driver the 200 Baht that he had agreed to when he was picked up in South Pattaya!

Pattaya motorbike taxi drivers are not exactly known for having a sense of humor about such things and as a result it was time for a little mixed martial arts action on the street. The Korean took a fist to the face knocking him unconscious. Other foreign tourists went to check on the Korean to see if he was still alive. Other onlookers cheered the fight and even a Baht bus blew his horn several times in admiration of the taxi drivers knockout punch.

The Korean was eventually returned to his hotel and he eventually did pay the bar bill and presumably the taxi driver. Police are not taking any further action as neither side made a police report.

Commentary: Usually the South Koreans are flush with cash. I’m surprised the tourist had so little Baht. Perhaps he was thinking 1,150 Korean won which in only 33 Baht? But then not to pay the taxi driver on a agreed to fare? Double trouble. But I have to say the Korean got taken for a ride if he agreed to pay a motorbike taxi 200 Baht from South Pattaya to Soi 5. Isn’t that a 40 or 60 Baht fare in reality?

 - Bangkok After Hours

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