Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Friday, April 10, 2015

British Bar Owner in Soi Buakhao Attacked by Gang…

From Pattaya One News comes the story of the a 33 year old British bar owner that was on his way to check on his beer bar in Soi Buakhao when a gang of 6 Thai men on 3 motorbikes cut him off and forced him to fall on the road. The gang of 6 then proceeded to approach the Brit and attack him with their safety helmets and an attempt was made to steal the Brit’s red Honda PCX motorbike worth an estimated 60,000 Baht. The British bar owner was not amused and decided to fight back and as a result sustained facial injuries and split lip in the fight. But amazingly he successfully fought off the gang of 6 young Thai’s who decided it was best to retreat and try to steal another day. Police are checking security cameras in the area in an attempt to arrest the gang.

Commentary: Damn! The British bar owner must have some balls to take on a gang of 6 Thai’s and actually prevent them from stealing his motorbike! It was a risky move on his part though as we’ve all read similar stories that didn’t end as well for the foreigner. But since he did come out on top the next time you stop by his beer bar in Soi Buakhao buy this guy a tequila guys!

 - Bangkok After Hours

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