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Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Disaster Avoidance Tips for Tourists in Thailand…

It would seem that’s there’s been a steady stream of stories out of Pattaya and Phuket of late of foreign tourists being in the wrong place at the wrong time which has resulted in wallets and cell phones stolen, spiked drinks and room safes emptied or just being a punching bag for some Thai guys out to let off some steam. As a result I thought it a good idea for everyone to share some of their tips for disaster avoidance and for keeping out of trouble in the land of smiles.

First don’t get drunk and then get into a fight with the bars security. Otherwise you’ll end up with more than one guy cracking your skull with a beer bottle or steel pipe.
To protect my cash I always keep my Baht in a belt wallet myself and then a wallet in my pocket with just enough Baht for water or a taxi in my pocket. But my entertainment cash goes in the belt wallet.

In Pattaya I don’t want to be sandwiched between two people on a Baht bus either. That makes it too easy for one pickpocket to distract you while the other goes fishing in your cargo shorts for a wallet, cell phone or camera. Speaking of which I prefer cargo shorts with a button flap and I use it to secure my camera. That makes it all the harder for a freelancer to give you a quick hug with one arm while lifting your valuables with the other. You can also place the thin strap on the camera around the button and then button your cargo pants pocket to make it even harder for someone to snatch your camera.

When walking in areas that are known to be covered with questionable freelancers like flies on shit I do my best to keep 2 arm lengths away from any freelancer I see making a beeline for me. The closer they get the more I step back to keep some distance.

In Bangkok on Sukhumvit between Soi 4 and Asoke late at night you’ve only got narrow areas to walk through between vendors and freelancers at tables who tend to get grabby if your arms are at your side. When I walk through those narrow spots I place my left hand behind my back at my belt and move my right hand in front of me at belt buckle level keeping my fingers pointed straight ahead to enable me to do a quick swat of any freelancer hands that dart my way. I also walk with a purpose like a man on a mission. I keep moving and I move at a fast clip. By the time a freelancer pickpocket spots me I’ve already blown past them.

I also keep a sharp eye out on those dark, unlit areas for freelancers and thugs that are hanging out and I keep watching them discreetly until I’m clear. If necessary I’ll dart into the street to put some distance between me and them but this is risky on Sukhumvit and the nearby Soi’s with the taxi’s and motorbikes. You have to be very careful not to wind up getting yourself splattered all over the street.

Perhaps my best strategy and the one that I feel a bit guilty about each time I use it is this: When I approach an area where freelancers are working both sides of the sidewalk allowing only a narrow space between them I’ll slow my pace and look for a stumbling drunk tourist and allow him to walk up ahead of me. Sure enough like bee’s to honey the freelancers always, always pounce on the stumbling drunk which at this point allows me to blow on past with just a tad feeling of guilt of having used a fellow tourist as freelancer bait to keep me from getting hassled or robbed.

Nothing is ever guaranteed of course but there are steps you can take to minimize the risk that you’ll be tomorrow’s headline about a tourist that got his wallet snatched, drink spiked or got the shit kicked out of you for saying something while drunk that pissed off the locals. 

 - Bangkok After Hours

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