Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Friday, April 17, 2015

Drunk Russian Takes on a Gang & Then Pattaya Police…

FromPattaya One News is the story of a very drunk 27 year old Russian tourist that was acting very aggressive at the Bali Hai Port early Friday morning. Apparently the Russian was seen to throw something at a gang of teens and young men in the port area. This apparently didn’t sit well with the gang who proceeded to use the Russian as a punching bag causing him some minor injuries. 

By the time Police arrive the gang had left but the drunk Russian not being satisfied with the beating he had already sustained seemed to think in his drunken state that trying to box with the Pattaya Police for round two was a good idea. (It wasn’t). Eventually the Russian was cuffed and stuffed into the bag of a truck and taken to the Pattaya Police station for his own safety until he sobered up.

Commentary: Getting into a drunken fight with a local group of Thai men late at night in Pattaya is definitely a good way to end up in the hospital or morgue. I guess the Russian had a thick skull since he apparently didn’t suffer any serious injuries.

 - Bangkok After Hours

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