Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Drunk Russian Tourist Bites Pattaya Policeman..

From Pattaya One News comes a story that’s even a bit odder than normal for Pattaya. Early Wednesday morning a 2 man Police Patrol spotted a foreigner sleeping on the street in front of the Woodland Resort Hotel in Naklua. The officers approached the man and found out that he was a Russian in his early 30’s. The Russian was apparently intoxicated and became aggressive towards the Police (bad move). 

Police decided to arrest the drunk Russian (good move) and placed him in the back of a Police Truck along with another Policeman. As the truck traveled to the Police Station the drunk Russian leaned over and sunk his teeth into the Policemans leg and then the Russian jumped from the truck. 

The Police quickly detained the Russian and additional Police were called to deal with the aggressive Russian tourist. The Russian was taken to holding cells and was released once he sobered up. The Policeman that was bit decided not to press charges.

Commentary: Judging by the numerous lumps and busted lip on the drunk Russians face in the Pattaya One photos I’d guess that the Police reinforcements taught the Russian some manners. But it’s just a guess….

 - Bangkok After Hours

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