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Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Facebook Friend Gets Head Bashed by 3 Teen Thugs in Pattaya.

This is not a story about some green newbie tourist. Not at all! One of my Facebook friends sent me a link from StickboyBangkok this morning about a 35 year old British tourist that was attacked by 3 Thai teens on Central Pattaya road, Moo 9, Soi 4 around 3:30am Saturday morning. Police were alerted to the attack by a convenience store clerk who witnessed the incident just outside the store. According to the clerk he witnessed the 3 teen chase and attack the Brit bashing his head quite severely before running off. 

The tourist then made his way into the convenience store o ask for help. The Brit was treated by rescue volunteers for a large gash on his head and doesn’t know why he was singled out for attack.

But this is not the end of story! When I read the article I recognized the name and the photo looked familiar. Sure enough it was another of my Facebook friends that just got to Pattaya recently. I sent him a text message and he said that he’s recovering without any life threatening injuries but that his head hurts like hell. He added that the teens didn’t rob him. 

Apparently the 3 wannabe gangbangers were just out for a game of kick the can and decided that a tourists head would make for a good can. Ouch!  Fortunately he said that he does have travel medical insurance so let’s everyone wish him a quick recovery.

Commentary: It just goes to show though that you can never be too careful around Pattaya. Even for the experienced guys! It’s also an example of why you want travel medical insurance too! 

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