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Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Middle Eastern Thieves Arrested in Koh Samui..

From the Phuket Gazette is the story of two men that were wanted for robbery in Phuket that were finally tracked down and arrested in Koh Samui. The two men were holding both Turkish and Kuwait passports and police are unsure if the men are Turkish or Kuwaiti citizens. The men are accused of stealing a Rolex watch, cash and other valuables worth more than 1 million Baht as well as entering Thailand and presenting fake identification.

The two thieves apparently pretended to be friends of tourists staying at a luxury hotel in Phuket and the ever so helpful hotel staff apparently let them in!
An Israeli tourist who had his credit card stolen and 20,000 Baht withdrawn from his account also told police that he had been approached by the 2 men.
According to the two thieves they told police they paid a Malaysian man to secure their entry into Thailand.

Commentary: Two things come to mind. 1st: Be it a cheap 500 Baht a night guest room or a 6,000 Baht per night luxury hotel room it amazes me how easily the Thai hotel staffers are suckered by con men to let them into guests rooms! WTF!  2nd: My advice to the sheik that wore the Rolex to Phuket? Next time sheik buy a fake Rolex in Phuket. You’re not out much cash if that gets stolen!

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