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Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Polish Tourist Beaten by Walking Street GoGo Security..

From Pattaya One News we also have the story of a 55 year old Polish tourist that was beaten on the head with a steel hook or bar by the Skyfall GoGo bar’s security staff located right on Walking Street Monday night.

Apparently it all started when the Polish customer was asked to leave the bar and refused to leave. Security said the man was drunk, abusive and initiated a fight inside the bar (bad move Polish boy!). A security guard outside ran inside the bar and eventually the drunk Polish tourist was dragged outside where he was struck across the head with what’s being described as a steel hook?

The security guard that caused the injury was charged with assault. The owner of the bar has stepped forward to voluntarily close his bar temporarily re-train staff in better customer service and has also offered to pay all of the Polish tourists medical expenses. Local authorities may still decide to close the venue but the owner is hoping that by stepping up and taking responsibility for the bar that his actions will be viewed favorably by authorities.

Commentary: Well I don’t have much sympathy for a drunk tourist that causes a fight in a gogo bar if that’s what happened. Although the steel hook to the guys head by security was perhaps a bit overkill in a manner of speaking. Kudos though to the bar owner for stepping up and paying the Polish tourists medical bill even though it appears the tourist was the one that started the trouble for himself. Not many bar owners do that.

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