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Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Swiss Tourist Dies in Patong Hotel Elevator Shaft….

From the Phuket Gazette is a bizarre story (more bizarre than normal anyway) of a 54 year old Swiss tourist that apparently went to use elevator on the 4th floor in a Patong Hotel in Phuket that he was staying at and when the doors opened and he stepped inside. Just one problem. There was no elevator there. He fell down the elevator shaft hitting the top of the elevator that was still on the 3rd floor below. An employee of the hotel heard the thud and tried to open the elevator shaft doors but couldn’t get them open. 

Rescue workers and police were called and the man was found to still be alive and calling for help with his head wedged between the elevator wall and the elevator shaft. Rescue workers said they were unable to free the man due to the narrow space. Eventually after about an hour the hotel mechanic was able to lower the elevator to the first floor. Sadly, by then the Swiss tourist had died.

Commentary: What bothers me about this story are 2 things. First I’ve been in Thailand hotels where the elevator door was open and the elevator hadn’t quite arrived yet. That bugs me for sure. But they moved the elevator from the 3rd floor to the 1st floor while the tourist had his head wedged between the elevator wall and the elevator shaft? WTF? I’m not an elevator shaft expert but perhaps moving the elevator in this case wasn’t the best idea and is actually what killed the poor guy?

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