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Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Thursday, June 4, 2015

American Scams Pattaya Guy Over Gay Bar Investment...

From Pattaya One News is the story of a 21 year old Thai man that told Pattaya Police that he met an American on a Gay website and spoke on a daily basis about the American coming to Thailand to invest in a Gay Bar. On June 3rd the Thai man received a call from the American claiming that he had arrived in Thailand at Phukets airport but was being held for failing to declare $300,000 U.S. dollars to customs. (Insert laugh track here). He claimed that he need to pay customs 75,000 Baht as a fine but could only pay 50,000 Baht and needed the Thai man to send the remaining 25,000 Baht. 

To make the scam seem real the American had a Thai woman get on the phone to pretend that she was with immigration. The woman then asked for an additional 7,000 Baht to be transferred to her bank account to clear the case and secure a quick release of the American. The Thai man fell for the scam and transferred 32,000 Baht to the woman’s account and then of course never heard from the American.

Commentary: Now you would think any reasonable person would say wait! If you have $300,000 dollars then you can exchange enough for the so called fine right? As for the scammed Thai man, having shot his wad of cash his dreams of having a gay old time running a gay bar in Pattaya have been thoroughly crushed for now.

 - Bangkok After Hours

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