Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Foreigner Pisses off Back of Moving Baht Bus in Pattaya..

From Pattaya One News we have the story of a rather rude and full of piss foreigner that was filmed standing up in the back of a moving Baht bus thought to be traveling down Pattaya 3rd Road in Pattaya. What was he doing? Taking a piss in the street as the Baht bus traveled down the road. Needless to say many Thai’s are upset at his vulgar display.

Foreigners are urged not to piss off the back of moving Baht buses as it could cause them serious problems (not to mention more than a few lumps and bruises) should they be caught by the police or angry members of the public (like the guys driving motorbikes behind the Baht bus while the guy took a piss for instance).

Commentary: Now I could see this ending very badly for a foreigner and a quick trip to the hospital emergency room to put the pieces back together again if some motorbike taxi drivers caught this idiot doing this!

 - Bangkok After Hours

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