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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Police Raid Walking Street Disco Over Bar Blowjob Photos..

Yesterday we had the story of photo’s making their way around Facebook of an Asian guy in a Walking Street disco getting what appeared to be some oral satisfaction from an unknown woman. Either that or she was attempting to fix the zipper on his pants with her tongue. We’re not really sure which.

However, whatever the case may be, Pattaya One News reports today that the District Chief for Pattaya that’s in charge of issuing entertainment licenses raided Club 808 on Walking Street. To make it a real party Pattaya Police, Army soldiers and Tourist Police officers joined in the raid on the popular Pattaya disco.

It was apparently confirmed that the photos of the alleged oral sex scandal were taken inside the club and the exact location was found by investigators. It also appears that the CCTV system was not in working order on the night of June 28th, when the pictures were thought to be taken. Police questioned a security guard at the club who confirmed that he was aware of the incident but made it clear that the couple were immediately thrown out of Club 808 as soon as they were seen engaging in their scandalous activity.

According to the security guard the woman in question was Thai and that he didn’t think she had met the man prior to meeting him in the club and giving him that extra special “Welcome to Pattaya” service. According to authorities the club will remain open for now.

Commentary: I’ve got 100 Baht that says there will be a line of guys forming outside Club 808 tonight! Music? Who cares! Laser show? So what! Welcome to Walking Street blowjobs while you drink your beer? Bingo! The line forms here.  Lol… 

I just report the news. I don’t make this shit up! 

 - Bangkok After Hours

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