Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Thai Guy Bangs British Boyfriend in Pattaya. Shoots Him Twice…

From Pattaya One News we have the story of gay love in Pattaya gone bad. A 67 year old British man was shot by his 33 year old gay Thai lover at the K Apartments in Soi Saitee off Pattaya 3rd Road close to the Bali Hai overpass. Staff at the apartments said the British boyfriend would visit his Thai lover but not go up to his room. Instead they would meet and talk on the ground floor. On the day of the shooting 2 shots rang out and the Brit could be seen on the ground clenching his neck.

When Police caught the Thai boyfriend he told Police that he was angry at the constant comments from his British lover regarding his heavy drinking, smoking and nights out with the boys. Apparently the Brit wanted the Thai guy to stop or at least to cut back on these types of activities. According to the Thai guy the comments from the Brit were relentless and he just couldn’t take it anymore so he pulled a 38 caliber pistol and shot his British lover. Police apparently don’t entirely believe this story but are unable to interview the Brit as he remains in critical condition at the Hospital and it’s unknown at present if he will survive the shooting.

Commentary: Apparently what we have here is a gay Thai guy that just couldn’t stand being nagged any longer by his old hag of a British boyfriend and snapped… Now he could have just said “I’m sorry, it’s not you. It’s me. We’re just not right for each other”. Your Baht is nice but your bitching is just too much!”

 - Bangkok After Hours

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