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Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Two Australians Get Asses Kicked in Chiang Mai Over Bar Bill..

From the Bangkok Post is a story of a 60 year Australian and his 18 year old son that hired a TukTuk driver in Chiang Mai to take them to a karaoke bar Tuesday. The two tourists drank 13  bottles of beer and had selected 5 bar girls to sit and drink with them. By 5am the 2 Australians had racked up a 13,000 Baht bar tab for drinks, food and services. The now drunk Australians claimed that they were being ripped off and wanted to negotiate their 13,000 Baht bar bill down to 1,000 Baht. (Insert laugh track here.)

During the negotiations the 18 year old Australian went outside and grabbed the TukTuk driver around his neck in a fit of anger for taking him and his dad to an expensive bar. Other people argument with another Thai man waiting outside the bar for his girlfriend that worked inside.
At the same time a group of 5 Thai teens were driving by on motorbikes and witnessed the Australian teen arguing with the Thai. The teens stopped their motorbikes and then it was game on as they proceeded to beat some manners into the Australian teen. The teens 60 year old dad rushed outside to help where he was beaten too. His son was stabbed in the chest with a sharp object but it wasn’t serious.

After police were called and sorted out the situation one of the Thai teens offered the Australians 9,000 Baht for their medical bills. The Australians wisely decided not to press charges, As for the karaoke bar it’s unclear if they ever got paid. Police did fine the bar manager for operation the bar beyond opening hours.

Commentary: I can’t say I have much if any sympathy for the 2 Australians. They hired a TukTuk to take them to a bar to drink beer and meet some ladies which they did. Then they bitch about a 13,000 Baht  bar bill after having been entertained by 5 bar girls in the bar and getting drunk in the process and trying to be cheap ass Charlies and only offer the bar 1,000 Baht? Seriously? Hahahahahaha… Then the son goes out and grabs the TukTuk driver by the neck saying it’s his fault that the Australians are in this predicament? WTF? I’d say the Australians are damn lucky that they’re still able to breathe much less stand without assistance after all of this stupid bullshit that they pulled!

 - Bangkok After Hours

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