Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Monday, August 17, 2015

A Pattaya / Jomtien Tourist too Stupid for Words…..

From Pattaya One News we have the story of a 49 year old Russian that encountered a group of Cambodian freelancers he met on Jomtien Beach. The ladies offered as a group to take the Russian to another location and give him a massage for a small fee. The Russian apparently not being that kind of tourist initially refused the group grope and all the ladies except one went on their way. However, the Russians willpower to refuse a massage apparently was weakened as he finally accepted the offer by the last girl.

As they walked along the far end of Jomtien Beach the Russian told police that he assumed he was being taken to a private room. However, the Cambodian stopped the Russian at a wooden table on the side of the street and told him to lay face down to prepare for his massage. (Insert laugh track here).

When the Russian laid down on the table the Cambodian girl quickly snatched the Russians 30,000 Baht gold necklace and took off running for the woods. The Russian not being amused at this turn of events gave chase forcing the Cambodian girl to drop the necklace and her handbag in order to escape. Police are searching for the girl but apparently without any further help of the Russian as he was just happy to have his gold necklace back and wanted to focus on continuing his holiday in Thailand.

Commentary: I’m sorry but you’ve got to be one stupid tourist to agree to lay down on a wood table by the street to get a massage by a beach freelancer while you’re wearing a 30,000 Baht gold necklace and to even remotely think that this is going to end with you getting a happy ending!

 - Bangkok After Hours

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