Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
One Man's Wild Erotic Adventures in the Red Light Districts of Bangkok, Pattaya & Asia After Hours.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Holiday in Paradise: Pattaya & Bangkok 2015 Trip Report

A bit of erotica for men that enjoy the pleasures of Asian women....


1st Night in Pattaya:

I arrived in Bangkok at 10:40pm and lucked out when I got to the customs line at the airport there were only 8 people in front of me. But my pet peeve was that 2 of the 8 waited until they were at the immigration officer counter to fill out their damn arrival cards! Come on people! Do it on the plane!  After clearing customs I exchanged $300 U.S. dollars for Baht. It took me a while to find my taxi driver. The guy had this exceptionally long beard which is a bit odd for a Thai. I thought just great. 10,000 taxi drivers in Bangkok and I get the guy that looks like a Muslim radical from the Middle East. I figured it was 50/50 whether he would drive me to Pattaya or cut my head off along the way. He was driving a small van which was comfortable while he tore down the highway at 125 KPH but when we got to Soi 14 in Pattaya there were too many food carts in the way to get the van down it so I had to drag my suitcases down to Secrets.

By the time I checked in, grabbed a shave and freshened up it was already 3:00am. I made a quick walk through Secrets bar and there were a couple of reasonably cute coyotes working. Then I made my way down to Walking Street. Sugar Baby was already closed but some of the gogo bars (I won’t name the names) stay open until 4:00am. I did manage to find 9 gogo bars that were still open and one even stays open until 5:00am (unofficially of course).

I made my way to Club 808 which had a good crowd but the music sucked. I just couldn’t take it. Endorphin had zero customers. Not even one. The Pier had 3 or 4 customers but Club Insomnia was fairly full as usual. Next up was Casino Club which had about a dozen coyotes and service girls but again no customers even though it was close to 5:00am.  I made my way back down to Walking Street and all the clubs were closing including Insomnia. With nothing else to do I went to the New York Diner and ordered some Thai chicken and basil for 85 Baht. When I finished I headed back towards Secrets. A small thin ladyboy offered to give me a massage back in my room and said she would massage me until I fell to sleep. I’m pretty sure that translates into take me back to your room, let me drug your drink and when you pass out I’ll leave along with your Baht, phone and anything else of value. I decided to pass on the offer. When I got back to the Secrets bar it was 5:30am and they still had a few customers. I ordered some water and enjoyed watching the coyotes dance until 6:00am. Not ready for bed I walked outside to a food cart and bought some cooked vegetables on a stick for 20 Baht. It was getting light now so I headed back to my room to make some notes. By the time I finished it was 6:45am so I set the alarm for 10:00am. I took a sleeping pill but wasn’t able to sleep. My calves in both legs were cramping up big time from the long flight. By 7:30am I had given up on sleep. I jumped in the shower and decided to go look for breakfast.

I decided to explore and found a small open air Thai restaurant on Pattaya 2nd rd. Breakfast was 2 eggs, toast and orange juice for 95 Baht. I could live with that. Then I hiked up to Friendship Market and discovered numerous fresh fruit carts along the way. Later on I exchanged $400 dollars for more Baht. The exchange rate that day was 35.25 so I was happy.

2nd Night in Pattaya:

Next up on my to do list was taking the Baht bus to Central Festival to check out their market on the lower level. Afterwards as I was making my way back to Pattaya Beach road I decided to stop and get a foot massage to work out the lower leg cramps. 200 Baht for the massage and she did a great job loosening up my cramped legs so I tipped her 300 Baht. Then it was a Baht bus to the nearest KFC and some Dairy Queen Ice Cream. After eating I found a 24 hour Internet shop on Pattaya South road just a short distance from Walking Street. Then a quick trip to 7-Eleven for some snacks for the mini-frig. It was now 2:30pm and I desperately needed some sleep so I headed back to my room to get what rest I could before hitting Walking Street later.

I managed to get about 3 hours of sleep in that afternoon. It would have to do. I hit Sugar Baby at 6:30pm and tipped 2 of the play mat girls 100 Baht each to get some licks in on each other and then gave one of the girls a light up LED ball to use as a toy on the other girl.

By 6:40pm I was hitting the other bars on Walking Street. In Baccara I was surprised by the overall average quality of the girls on both floors even though it was packed with Japanese customers as usual. The other thing I noticed is an abundance of big breasted silicone tits now. It would seem the Japanese tastes have changed and they no longer favor the cute spinners Baccara was once known for. Now the Japanese want to see bigger girls and bigger tits.

I continued on and found some cute girls dancing in Spankys but Club Electric Blue with 2 dance stages definitely stands out amongst the gogo’s in Pattaya especially when you consider that so many of the bars on Walking Street have gone the coyote only route now. I bought a drink for one of the super cute spinners in Club Electric Blue and gave her one of my fake gold necklaces. You should have seen the look on the faces of the other girls on stage when I did that. LOL…. 

I paid my drink bin and headed over to Angelwitch to catch their shows. One thing about Angelwitch and that is they do put effort into making their shows entertaining. Sure I’ve seen them a dozen times or more but the girls do work it. The showgirls were using candles and flames when I walked in so it literally was a hot show. Then I had a service girl load me up with 20 Baht notes and I went up to the 2nd floor balcony after the show and started to toss down the Baht to the girls below on stage. Then I pulled out a bag of g-strings and started to toss them down to the girls as well. The stage below was now a bit of a feeding frenzy. When I was done the service girl motioned for me to use the chrome pole to slide down to the stage so that’s what I did. Then I leapt off the stage and over the bar stools onto the floor. I really hadn’t meant to do that and I’m surprised I didn’t break an ankle but luckily I landed fine.

I went back to Secrets Bar and there were a couple of cute 20 year old coyote dancers in the bar. One girl had been dancing 2 months and it was the other girls first night. The bar fine was 1,000 Baht before midnight and 600 Baht after. Both girls agreed to go long time.  I was going to be the new girls first customer. Always nice to be #1. We headed out to the Pier Disco first to party before heading back to my room on the 3rd floor in Secrets. The girls were all giggles back at the room and wanted the lights off or otherwise they were too shy to try lesbian on each other. Got to love those shy new girls. I managed to talk them into leaving the light on in the bathroom and cracking the door enough for me to get a view. One of the girls said she had just gotten her braces last week so her mouth was too sore to give me a b/j. The other girl that just started that night said that she had never given a b/j before. It took a bit of talking her into it before I finally got her to agree to giving her first virgin b/j. It’s nice to play teacher and give instruction to a hesitant student on the proper techniques. 
Since both girls were so shy and all giggles I decided to renegotiate and cut them loose early at 4:00am. The girls went happily on their way and I headed back to the Pier and then Insomnia but nothing really caught my eye.

Then I headed over to Cream. One of the girls told me most of their best girls don’t even show up until midnight. I talked to one super cute girl but she said that she didn’t do b/j’s. Scratch that one. I finally settled on another big breasted girl 5 minutes before closing time. The bar fine was 1,500 Baht. The mamasan wanted me to prepay the bar fine and any tips in advance but I balked at that. The mamasan backed down and 5 minutes later the big breasted dancer and I are back in my room where I had just finished up with 2 girls just 1 hour earlier. (Got to say thanks to the makers of Levitra for making it possible). This bar fine turned out to be a real bonus. Why? After talking with her I find out that she was a former Thai Penthouse Model a few years back! Thank you God! I owe you one! She was a great screw, gave a great b/j and agreed to a cim finish. What more can a guy ask for at 6:00am? When we finished she told me she was headed home to her lesbian tomboy lover. You can find Cream by heading down Soi Diamond off of Walking Street. Go past Gentlemen’s Club, Spankys and Windmill. Cream will be the last gogo bar on the left.

Afterwards I headed down to the New York Diner on Walking Street to get some Pad Thai. After eating I walked up to the 24 hour Internet shop to check my email. By the time I got back to my room at Secrets and made some notes it was 7:48am and time to get some much deserved sleep. It had been a great night in Pattaya.

3rd Night in Pattaya:

I started the night at 7:30pm at Sugar Baby as they had a full line up of girls dancing. I spent some play time tossing the dancers on stage LED light up balloons with 20 Baht notes inside and giving them some gold plated rings for my entertainment. Sugar Baby is jammed packed with friendly fresh from the farm girls that’s for sure. I tipped 2 play mat girls 100 Baht each to get their licks in and then I pulled an ice cube out of my glass and slid it down the one girls pussy while the other girl licked it. But my mission that night wasn’t Walking Street. It was Soi 6. I soon walked up to Pattaya 2nd road and grabbed a Baht bus to Soi 6. The big gold hip hop necklace I was wearing really got the attention of the bar girls and ladyboys as I walked by. I even recognized a former 3 Angels bar girl as she rode by on a scooter. I walked up and down Soi 6 checking out the bars and girls.  To my surprise a guy walks up and says you must be Alex! I said what gave me away? The 3 watches? The flashing LED pendant or the gold chain hip hop necklace? We had a laugh and picked a bar to have a drink and chat. There was a cute girl with a great ass working in the bar. She had only been working there 3 months and said the boss of the bar was her relative. She spoke enough English so I paid the bar fine and she agreed to spend the night partying with me on Walking Street. The bar girl went to change into a skin tight black mini skirt and I said my goodbyes to my Facebook friend.

The bar girl and I got a Baht bus to Soi 13/2 and then we got a motorbike taxi to take us to X-Boys to watch their 10:00pm show. I got a laugh out of the bar girl. She said I don’t like Thai boys. Then she saw one handsome fellow with a big cock and said I like him! He saw that she was looking and then started flirting with her and she was all giggles after that. I have to say for Thai guys they had some big porn star dicks swinging out there. Overall though I found their show a bit boring. After getting my laughs in with the bar girl we left after 15 minutes and 2 drinks that cost 500 Baht to head down to Walking Street.

First up was Angelwitch to watch their shows. We were just in time for the python snake girl and then things headed south. The Soi 6 bar girl was totally freaked out by the snake and started crying. Fuck! After the show I told the bar girl to sit tight while I went up to the 2nd floor to toss 20 Baht notes to the dancers. Then I went fishing. I had attached a spool of thread to a mini stuffed Hello Kitty. I unspooled the thread and then started swinging the Hello Kitty above the dancers heads back and forth until one girl jumped high enough to grab it. The girls all had a good laugh and then I slid down the chrome pole to the stage. Being this was my second time down the Angelwitch pole I had a much more graceful exit this time.

I made my way back to the booth where the S0i 6 girl was waiting but now she was jealous and giving me shit for liking one of the dancers on stage more than her. Jesus! I paid for our drinks and we went to What’s Up next as the bar girl said she had a friend that worked there. I have to say What’s Up has a high number of stunners. I commented on this to the bar girl and that the bar fines were 1,500 Baht and the short times were 3,000 baht and long time 4,000 Baht. Well, that was a mistake. She starts going off on how the bar fine in What’s Up is 1,500 Baht but that she goes long time for 1,500 Baht! My mistake on that one. The Soi 6 bar girls friend wasn’t working so we left and headed for my room in Secrets. Well, I had left my closet door open and inside the closet was dozens of bar girl toys. G-strings, mardi gras beads, lingerie, about 50 condoms and all kinds of toys. The Soi 6 bar girl see’s this and says “you’re a butterfly!” and bursts into tears. For the next 30 minutes she goes off asking me how many girls did I bring to my room? I said baby I’ve only been here 2 days. I said just you. She says you lie and bursts into tears again. Fuck me! She says just tell me “yes”. I said ok “yes” but really baby I only brought one other girl besides you back to my room so far. She says you lie! I told her again, “baby its only my second night in Pattaya!” She was still crying and said she wanted to go home and would pay me back the bar fine. Damn! 

On and on this went. Finally I started to get dressed again and she said what are you doing? I said if you want to pay me back the bar fine and go home then fine. Let’s go. Then she starts telling me how guys have Soi 6 girls all wrong. They think they’re like gogo girls but they’re not. She just comes to the bar to have drinks with guys and go long time to party. Not to go with different guys for sex several times a day like gogo girls.

Finally she stops crying and I said ok baby. I believe you. Whatever you say. You’re a good girl. Not like those gogo girls. Then she finally smiled and I gave her a hug and we rolled onto the bed and started to lose our clothes. Once we got going I have to say she turned out to be a horny girl and she even managed a deep throat b/j and a CIM finish that she swallowed for a bonus. (No baby, you’re not like those gogo girls. Not at all! Lol..) Twenty minutes later she was out like a like sleeping away. I slept until 6:00am when some assholes set off like 500 firecrackers outside on the street. Being wide awake I went for round two with the bar girl. Afterwards she rolled back over to sleep some more. At 8:00am the bar girl wants to sleep until 10:00am but I’m hungry. Fortunately I had a 7-Eleven ham and cheese sandwich and some orange juice in the mini-frig.

4th Night in Pattaya:

I started the day seeing that the exchange rate was now 35.75 for U.S. dollars. Oh man! Love it! The yellow T.T. exchange booths had by far the best exchange rates every day in Pattaya. Around 1:30pm I hopped on a Baht bus and got off at Soi 13 to take a walk through Soi LK and then head down Soi Honey to look at the massage shops. Paradise massage right at the top of Soi Honey next to Soi Buakhao had some cute 20 year old girls working. The massage was 200 Baht. The preferred tip 1,000. I made a mental note to visit again and then made my way to Soi 6 to see if the girl from Smoke & Kisses that I bar fined before was working. I had already given out so many cheap gold plated rings to so many bar girls on Soi 6 that I found it entertaining as they saw me walking near their bars and started chanting “Alex! Alex! Alex!” It made me feel like a Roman Gladiator that had conquered my competition. Lol.  I had a couple of drinks with the Smoke & Kisses bar girl and they let me use their computer to check my email. Then I continued visiting different bars. A couple of girls were holding signs that said “Fuck Pussy! Ass Free!” I said are you sure? Then I pointed to their wrist and said I’m like that. But don’t worry I have lots of KY. At that the girls got nervous and changed their minds about offering up their ass for free or otherwise. Lol.

I stopped by a bar called “Where Angels Play” which had a smoking hot 20 year old bar girl working with a flat tummy which I like. I paid the bar fine and we went to a short time room for some afternoon fun. This girl had an exceptionally tight body for a Soi 6 bar girl. I also stopped by Route 69 which has a cute girl that was recommended as being a nasty girl that will do it all and then some.
By 3:00pm I was back in my room at Secrets ready to hit the bed for some much needed sleep. By 8:30pm I was on a Baht bus. My plan was to hit some gogo bars on Soi LK. First up was Paradise gogo. They didn’t have a lot of girls but at least half were above average in looks. Next up was Sugar Sugar which has a lot of girls but none really caught my eye. Then I stopped in the Office gogo which had by far the least attractive line up of any of the Soi LK gogo bars that I stopped in. Next up was Lady Love. The “B” team in Lady Love wasn’t much to look at but the “A” team had this one red haired beauty with a tight Thai Penthouse model type body and perfect silicone tits. This girl really knew how to move her body too!

After leaving Soi LK I crossed over Pattaya 2nd Rd and took the side alley next to Mike Shopping Mall as a short cut to  get back down to Pattaya Beach Road to get a Baht bus there back to Walking Street. 

Back on Walking Street I stopped in Gentlemen’s Club and then Spankys. The service girl in Spankys told me since it was so slow that they weren’t doing any shows. Next up was Club Electric Blue which was packed with customers (and there’s plenty of good reasons why). I had a drink to watch the girls on stage and then I made my way to Angelwitch to catch their shows.

There was one big breasted topless showgirl that caught my eye so I walked over and placed adhesive pasties with tassels on her nipples. She got a laugh swinging her big tits around to move the tassels. Overall there were few girls working. The service girl told me most of the dancers had been bar fined after the shows. I went up to the 2nd floor and tossed a LED light up balloon with 20 Baht inside to the dancers below on stage and then tossed a handful of 20 Baht notes as well.
Next it was time to go fishing again. Once again I unrolled a spool of thread with a mini Hello Kitty attached and swung it over the heads of the Angelwitch dancers until one girl was able to grab it. Then I slid down the chrome pole to the stage to go back to my booth. (I was really getting good at using that chrome pole now). Then I tossed two plastic eggs at the dancers. One egg had 2 gold plated rings in a small and medium sizes inside and the other egg contained a sexy g-string which caused the girls on stage to break out in laughter.

After leaving Angelwitch I went over to Sugar Baby on Walking Street again. I pulled a 20 Baht note out of my wallet and rolled it up and placed it between my lips. Then I walked over the the stage and motioned a dancer over. Then I grabbed her legs to pull her close and slid the 20 Baht up her thighs right to her bare pussy. She laughed and happily grabbed the 20 Baht. At the other end of the stage a Japanese guy was all smiles after he tipped one of 3 play mat girls to lick her pussy. It looked like he was enjoying himself. Guess he likes his Sushi raw… Lol…

It was now 3:00am and the gogo bars were starting to close so I decided to hit the after hours clubs. In Club 808 the music still sucked so I didn’t stick around. Marine Disco was dead, Fever charged 100 Baht for a cover charge that included one drink but there were only 5 girls in the club and I’m pretty sure that they worked there. I quickly left and headed to the members area of Insomnia. Around 4:00am a girl in a mini skirt smiled at me and then walked over and stuck her tongue down my throat. I ran my hand up her thigh to discover that she wasn’t wearing any panties. 

Hmmmmmm…. Her body wasn’t bad but judging from her face she had a few too many miles on her and wasn’t that easy to look at so I decided to take a pass on this one even though she was willing to go for 1,000 Baht. I told her perhaps another time. Around 4:35am I saw a girl with a cute face down below by the bar so I walked down to talk to her. She agreed to some short time fun and I took her to the New York Diner first to get something to eat. Back in the hotel room as often happens when those disco girls peel off those tight dresses you discover the body is not as tight as it looked in the dress. She wasn’t that great of a screw either so there was no point in prolonging the action. I walked her out around 6:30am and then headed to the Secrets bar to see if anything was happening. There were only a couple of customers and they had the available girls so I continued back to Walking Street. I found a freelancer sitting on the sidewalk that wasn’t too bad looking but she wanted 2,000 Baht to go short time. I said baby it’s just past 6:30am! I think you need to be offering an early morning discount! She wasn’t interested in discounting so I passed on the opportunity. I continued on to the JP bar and saw a very attractive Thai girl in a skin tight red dress. I had to go over and talk to this girl. She told me that she was 22 years old and used to dance in Sensations gogo. She also told me she wanted 3,000 Baht to go short time. LOL… From JP bar at 6:46am????? I said are you a virgin? She said no. Then I said then there’s pretty much zero chance that you’re getting 3,000 Baht at 6:46am in the morning! She apparently was not amused at my sense of humor…. 

I walked around the tables and talked to another girl and she pointed out her friend playing pool. The friend was 34 years old but had a slim tight body and a crop top shirt to show it off. She agreed to go for 1,000 Baht and we were back at my room in Secrets within a couple of minutes.  When we finished she wanted taxi money. I told her she had 1,000 Baht for taxi money. More than enough. She was pissed as I ushered her out the door. By the time I got to bed to sleep it was 8:03am. Now that’s an all nighter! I set the alarm to wake me up at 12 noon. Four hours of sleep would have to do!

5th Night in Pattaya:

Around 3:00pm I headed to Paradise Massage on Soi Honey. I picked a cute 20 year old massage girl and she led me upstairs. Instead of semi private rooms I can only describe it as curtained off sections just wide enough for a mat on the floor. Overall one of the dirtiest massage shops I’ve ever been in. it was nasty but the girl was cute so you make allowances. Right? Besides that they make you prepay before you go upstairs. If they hadn’t I would have walked out. Because there are only curtains you hear other guys and girls going at it nearby. Basically it’s a nasty whorehouse but it gets the job done. But it was so dirty that I made it quick and got the fuck out in 15 minutes. On my way out another girl was crying hysterically downstairs. Time to go and go quick.

I walked back down to Pattaya 2nd Rd and caught a Baht bus to Soi 6 to look for the bar girls that I’d seen before but they either weren’t working or had customers. I made my way to Pattaya Beach road to catch another Baht bus. I had just enough time to get back to my hotel on Walking Street to get 1 hour of sleep in.

When I got back to Soi 14 I decided to cut through the Secrets Bar on my way up to my room. That was a mistake. One of the coyote dancers that I had bar fined a couple of days earlier spaz’s out on me wanting to know why I hadn’t come back to bar fine her again and that I promised to come back and buy her drinks …. She starts in on how she’s been waiting on me every night and on and on. Then she goes into complete meltdown mode! Jesus. Then she says she just started her period that day so now she can’t go with me! It was my entire fault for waiting so long! Finally I just said baby I’m sorry but I got to go and then I walked away but I seriously thought that the crazy bitch might crack a beer bottle over the back of my head before I made it to the exit door!

By 8:00pm I was making my way to Sugar Baby once again. There were scantily clad girls on the play mats and in the shower that would give each other some lip service for a 100 Baht tip. I pulled a yellow glow stick out of my cargo pants pocket and rubbed it on one of the play mat girls pussy (my cargo pockets are always full of assorted bar girl toys for my entertainment). I flirted and played with several dancers before making my way to the Gentlemen’s Club, Spanky’s and then Angelwitch once again for their shows. I saw a super cute topless dancer and waved her over. She was 20 years old and I had pasted nipple pasties on her bare tits the night before much to the amusement of the other dancers on stage. After the shows I passed out some gold plated rings to the chubby server girls and then headed upstairs to toss 20 Baht notes to the girls on the stage below. Once again I went fishing with a Hello Kitty attached to a spool of thread lowering it down to the girls until one was able to grab it and when I finished I once again slid down the chrome pole to the stage.

Next up was Club Mistys. They had a lot of girls but none caught my eye enough that I’d want to bar fine one. I did toss the dancers a LED light up balloon with 20 Baht inside. Next I made my way to Palace gogo on Walking Street. They were having an Angels and Demons party with the dancers dressed the part. They even offered free pizza which turned out to be the size of about half a business card! There were a lot of girls and some super cute 20 year old spinners in the mix too. The bar was packed primarily with Japanese customers. I guess they really like the Angels and Demons theme.
Next up was Club Electric Blue. I wanted to bar fine this 20 year old dancer with the face of a goddess, a drum tight body and small but firm tits. There wasn’t any flab on this sweet girl. I waved her over for a drink but the deal breaker was that she didn’t do b/j’s not even with a condom! Damn! Now with a cute face like that you know that I wanted to her lips wrapped my popsicle! 

There were 2 other hot 20 year old spinners on stage so I decided to buy drinks for both. Both of these girls said they did b/j’s now I just had to decide on which girl. After watching both girls dance some more I ultimately chose the girl with the slimmest hour glass waist and legs with a shy smile. She told me that she had only been dancing a couple of months. She was a cutie and agreed to the 900 Baht bar fine. Within minutes we’re back at my room in Secrets. Man oh man did I make a great choice with this girl! This girl not only gave me a great b/j she licked my balls all the way to my ass and kept this part of the fun going for 30 minutes! Damn! The only way it could have been better would be if she had 2 tongues! Her mouth was too small to deep throat but I wasn’t complaining. Overall I’d have to give her a 99.9% for her b/j performance. It was one of the best b/j’s that I’ve ever gotten from any bar girl.

The CEB dancer was an equally energetic screw with a grand finale of another b/j and CIM finish. Again I made a great choice with this dancer!

When we were done we talked about her customers. She said for western guys the s/t was 2,000 Baht but for Chinese or Indian guys she quoted 5,000 Baht for s/t to discourage them. After we dressed I walked the dancer back to Club Electric Blue and then headed out to some discos. First up was the Bamboo Entertainment Bar just around the corner from the entrance of Walking Street. Let me tell you they could rename the place “Beastly Bar” because all the girls in there we so old, high mileage, chubby and ugly that they make the freelancers at 3:00am on Pattaya Beach look like super models!
Next up was the Rock House which features a pretty good live band but it seems more like the kind of place to bring a girl that you’ve already got for the night than a place to find one. Then I hit the Walking Street Bar which features a fairly large dance floor that was packed but again it seems more like a place to bring your date than a place to pick up a girl.

Finally I made my way to Club Insomnia. They were having one of their Full Moon Parties so the club was fairly packed with guys and girls. The time was 4:30am so I headed up to the members area overlooking the bar below. Within 10 minutes I spotted a tall, thin attractive Thai girl with long reddish hair that seemed to be having more fun dancing to the music than her girlfriend. I decided to go downstairs to get a closer look. She gave me a welcoming smile so I went in closer. I bought her and her friend a frozen shot and then we got down to planning our entertainment. She offered to go s/t for 1,500 Baht and I was good with that. We were soon out the door and back to my room in Secrets within a few minutes. When we finished the time was 5:35am.

Quite frankly I wanted to go back to Insomnia and look for one last girl for the night but she was pretty much out of it and wanted to stay the night. Why? She said my room had a/c and hers didn’t! I said ok. If you’re going to stay then you have to agree to either a b/j with a CIM finish or an ass fuck. (Seems like a fair trade to let her sleep in air conditioned apartment doesn’t it?) She thought about it a minute and then agreed to the b/j with the CIM finish. Fifteen minutes later she had completed her part of the bargain so I let her sleep until 11:00am.  Then I spent the next 2 hours repacking my suitcases as I was heading to Bangkok for 2 weeks the next day.

6th & Last Night in Pattaya:

After eating a late lunch I hopped on a Baht bus to take me to Soi 6 around 3:00pm to meet up with some fellow Facebook bar mongers. I went to Ruby Club where I had this cute fresh faced 20 year old bar girl that had only been working 2 weeks keep me company while I waited for my friends. I think that she was disappointed when my friends showed up as we started talking bars and bar girls. At 5:30pm my friends headed off to get something to eat and I grabbed a Baht bus at the bottom of Soi 6 to head back to Walking Street and grab 1 hour of sleep before hitting the gogo bars at 8:00pm.
First up that night was Palace gogo. I wanted to see if the hot little spinners I talked to the night before was working but to my disappointment she wasn’t there. I paid for my draft beer and then made my way to Sugar Baby. I tossed a plastic egg that contained a g-string surprise at the dancers on stage. The lucky dancer that grabbed the egg shook it first to see if it contained anything and then she opened it and showed the skimpy pink g-string to the other girls who broke out laughing. Next I moved over to the shower area and tipped one the nude girls 100 Baht to get in a shower pussy lick. She agreed and then rinses off and then raises one leg on the edge of the shower wall for me to get my licks in while I shoved my thumb into her pussy from behind. You just can’t get entertainment in a strip club like that back home!

Next up was Angelwitch where once again I went up to the 2nd floor to toss 20 baht notes at the dancers below and then go fishing with a mini Hello Kitty attached to a spool of thread. Then once again I slid down the chrome pole to the stage even doing some turns on the way down. After paying for a drink I was out the door and on my way to Club Electric Blue. I wanted to see the same dancer I had bar fined the night before. I quickly found her and said that I wanted to bar fine her again tonight but first I was going to another bar but that I’d be back at 10:30pm. She agreed to wait and then I made my way down to Living Dolls Showcase on Walking Street. Living Dolls decided not to do any shows that night since it was so slow and they had few customers. I was running late and it was 11:00pm by the time I made it back to Club Electric Blue but sure enough the dancer was still waiting for me. She said another guy had wanted to bar fine her but she told him she had promised to wait for me. (Isn’t that sweet?)

Before long we were once again back in my room in Secrets. After another great b/j and screw she fell to sleep until 3:00am. When she woke up I walked her back to Walking Street and then started bar hopping hitting Living Dolls Showcase, Sensations and Skyfall until 4:00am.
I thought about going to Insomnia to finish the night but I needed to finish packing in the morning as I was checking out at 11:00am and heading to Bangkok for 2 weeks. By 4:30am I had called it a night. It would be goodbye to Pattaya in the morning!


1st Night in Bangkok:

The taxi had me checking into my service apartment in Bangkok around 1:00pm. First up on my to do list was do wash a load of clothes and then I headed to the Gourmet Market in Terminal 21 to load up on some supplies for the full size refrigerator. When I got back to my apartment I stuck the laundry in the dryer and decided to get an hour of sleep at least that was my plan as I wanted to wake up by 6:30pm and check out the massage shops on Soi 24 and the head to the gogo bars in Patpong. In reality my body hit the off switch from all the late nights in Pattaya and the next time I looked at the clock it read 8:00pm! Damn! Time for a revised plan! I scratched the Soi 24 massage shops and Patpong gogo’s off my nights “to do” list and headed straight for Soi Cowboy a 5 minute walk from my apartment.

In Soi Cowboy I hit “Club-X” which as usual was packed full of nude dancers on stage although the overall quality of the girls seems to have gone down a bit. Then it was over to Baccara, Shark, Suzie Wong and Long Gun. I saw numerous dancers and mamasans that recognized me from past trips in every gogo bar I visited. After chatting it up with old friends and short time lovers I headed to Nana Plaza. I was really surprised by the high turnover in gogo bars at Nana since my last trip 16 months earlier. There was also better security and you had to walk through a metal detector to enter Nana Plaza now. There were also surprisingly few ladyboy freelancers near the entrance. It would appear that the police and finally managed to chase the majority away. There were also considerably fewer freelancers hanging out by the Nana Hotel sign across Soi 4. Overall the place had been so cleaned up that I could have just as well have been in Disneyland. (If Disneyland had gogo bars anyway which I’m pretty sure it doesn’t). I started to bar hop various bars. I hit Rainbow 1, London Calling, Rainbow 4, Spanky’s, Angelwitch, Billboard, Jail Birdz, Obsessions and Cascades.

After my quick get tour of the Nana Plaza bars to bring me back up to speed I headed back up Sukhumvit to the Thermae Coffee House. It was 1:30am by the time I walked through the doors at Thermae and the majority of the freelancers had already left with customers. I talked to one girl that said she was 34 years old and had an office job during the day. She would be willing to go but wouldn’t take any less than 2,000 Baht. Looking around at the nearly empty bar I told her if she wasn’t willing to come down to 1,500 Baht then she most likely would be going home alone. She was not amused.

I left Thermae and headed towards Soi 11 to hit the after hours clubs. First up was Sugar which is a hip hop club. There were almost more coyote dancers than customers so I left. Next up was Levels Club which was fairly quiet too but it was Monday night. Then I headed to Climax located in the basement of the Ambassador Hotel on Soi 11 and found it to be fairly busy. I wasn’t there 2 minutes before an attractive girl with short hair and a tight body comes running across the dance floor yelling “Alex!” Hmmmmmm….. That could be good or bad…. In this case it was good. It turned out to be a former massage girl that worked in a small shop across from my apartment last year and that had given a massage special. She told me that now she just freelanced at a sidewalk bar and the disco. As we were talking a guy in a full Spiderman outfit got up on stage to dance with some girls. I have no idea why. I was pretty sure it wasn’t dress as your favorite super hero and get a FREE drink night. But this was Bangkok after hours. Things sometimes get weird late night.

At 4:00am I decided to leave Climax and head back to Soi Cowboy and check out the small hole in the wall almost hidden after hours club there. You either know it or you don’t and most guys don’t it would seem. I ordered a beer and watched a couple of coyote dancers. One of the coyotes recognized me from earlier. It turned out that she worked at Long Gun as a dancer too. By 5:30am I was ready to call it a night. As I headed towards Soi 23 I decided to turn right and walk up to a new 24 hour open air Thai restaurant. They also had an air conditioned second floor. I ordered some spicy papaya salad for 80 Baht. After I ate I gave each of the 4 chubby waitresses a gold plated ring and they were all smiles. By the time I dragged my ass back to my apartment it was 6:36am. Overall a pretty busy first night in Bangkok!

2nd Night in Bangkok:

I had slept most of the morning and then went in search of an Internet cafĂ© as the Internet connection was down at my apartment. I finally found a small Internet shop on Sukhumvit right before Soi 4. Then I got on the BTS to visit the new EmQuartier mall which consists of 2 interconnected buildings and a waterfall. You have to give Bangkok credit. They know how to build super upscale malls. Then it was back on the BTS and to my apartment to get some more  sleep. By 7:30pm I was headed to Baccara in Soi Cowboy. As soon as I walked in I recognized a girl on stage that I had bar fined 3 years ago! One thing about Baccara and that is their good looking girls often stick around a long time. But she was still pissed at me for bar fining other dancers instead of her again last trip. Oh well.
I then ran into another girl that I had bar fined last trip and she was more than happy to sit and drink with me again. After paying for the drinks I hit Club-X, Shark Bar, Suzie Wong and Long Gun passing out gold plated rings to the dancers, service girls and mamasans in each bar. In Long Gun I tossed a plastic egg containing a g-string at the girls on stage and then inflated a LED light up balloon with 20 Baht inside and swatted it at the girls. Then I went back to Club-X at 10:00pm as I wanted to catch their hot candle wax show but they didn’t have enough customers upstairs that night to they decided not to do the show. By the time I left it was 10:30pm so I decided to walk down Sukhumvit and do a quick walk through the Thermae Coffee House. When I got there the place was packed asses to elbows with customers and several dozen girls. I was tempted to pick a girl but I wanted to go clubbing again so I was soon out the door and headed to Levels Club on Soi 11 for the next couple of hours. 

By 2:00am I was headed back up Sukhumvit to Club-X in Soi Cowboy. Inside I saw my favorite dancer. I waved her over for a drink and paid the bar fine. When we finished up at my apartment an hour later the dancer waited outside for a motorbike taxi and I flagged a taxi to take me to the Thai after hours club Scratch Dog on Sukhumvit Soi 20. Inside the club a girl ran over to me. She was a dancer at Club-X. We talked about leaving together and she told me that she could take it 3 different ways…. Hmmmmmmmm… Unfortunately she was already hooked up with another guy in the bar so I had to take a rain check. I decided to head back to Sukhumvit and Asoke and visit some of the sidewalk bars. There were a couple of reasonably attractive girls working so I stopped to have a beer and inquired about their services. I thought hard about this one girl. The bar fine was 500 Baht but she didn’t want to budge on the 2,000 Baht short time even though it was going on 5:00am. Plus she seemed like she was still pissed at me for not stopping to buy her a drink the night before. No since bar fining a girl that already has bad vibes coming off her before you even start. I decided to help back to my apartment by cutting through Soi Cowboy. 

Along the way I saw a girl walking the same direction. Turns out she was a bar girl at Country Road. She was willing to go but in the looks department she was about a 4 at best. I decided to keep going. As I walking towards my apartment I decided to stop at some of the late night massage shops. Some of the girls were pissed because I never stopped but Jesus there are only like 6 shops in the same stretch! I can’t get massages from every girl in every shop! The shop I stopped at had a friendly 25 year old with a welcoming smile that had been doing massage for 5 months so I said what the hell. I paid the 500 Baht shop fee and she walked with me back to my apartment. This was one horny massage girl. By the time we were wrapping things up she told me that she had 5 orgasms. Apparently she really liked to fuck and most of her customers were done in 5 minutes but with my Levitra boost I was good to go long time.… Score Alex! Lol… It was 6:30am when I walked her back to her massage shop and then I went back to my apartment to sleep.

3rd Night in Bangkok:

I started my evening by visiting the many massage shops on Soi 24 and Soi 24/1. What I like about these shops is that they offer all-inclusive pricing for 1 hour for 2,000 Baht. Many of the shops are connected so you’ll see the same girls photos in a different shops photo book. But overall I thought that the shop with the most attractive selection of 20 year massage girls was “Touch of Class” on Sukhumvit Soi 24. This was just a fact finding mission to see which shops had the best girls. I didn’t have time to stop for a special. By the time I had visited several massage shops it was 8:00pm and half the girls already had customers. The manager of Touch of Class told me the best time to stop by for the biggest selection of available girls would be between 4:00 and 5:00pm.

After leaving the massage shops I took the BTS to the Asoke station and then got the MRT to Silom. I was going to hit the gogo bars in Patpong and look for the former manager of Angelwitch at Nana Plaza that was now working at Black Pagoda. When I got to Black Pagoda I had a drink. They had a good selection of girls but none that were must have’s to me. I inquired about my friend but they said he might be at The Strip so I paid for my drink and headed downstairs. Along the way I checked out Club Electric Blue before stopping at The Strip GoGo. My friend wasn’t there either so I told the service girls to let him know I stopped by. I decided to skip visiting any of the well known ladyboy bars and head back and get the BTS train to the Siam Interchange and take it to the Nana Station where I’d head straight for Nana Plaza.

First up at Nana Plaza was London Calling. I can’t quite figure this club out. They have bikini girls, coyotes, shower girls, showgirls, one fat old shower booth hag and I swear ladyboys in the mix too. It’s a bit of a circus sideshow. There’s something for everybody and it is entertaining.

Next up was Spankys on the 2nd floor of Nana Plaza. I was hoping for a show but there wasn’t one. Then I popped into Playskool and bought a drink for a beautiful 20 year old coyote. The bad news? She is one of those coyotes that don’t go with customers! I gave all the dancers rings anyway and then paid my drink bin.

I left Nana Plaza and walked up Sukhumvit to Soi 7 to visit the Check in Ladyboy Bar. It’s hidden in an alley behind everything else. At least they have a lit sign now to find it and they’ve added lighting in the alley. Last year when I visited there was no sign and no lighting. You were taking a leap of faith to walk a pitch black alley being led by a ladyboy praying you wouldn’t get your throat cut along the way. I bought a drink and chatted with several attractive, large breasted and friendly ladyboys before heading back out again.

I decided to head back to Soi Cowboy to bar hop in Long Gun, Rawhide, Shark, Baccara and Club-X before heading back to Soi 11 to hit Levels Club and Climax. In Climax I ran into that crazy former massage girl again. I swear she’s on drugs. She’s just too hyper at 4:00am not to be. She does have a hot body but she’s just too crazy. She hops onto every guy that walks by trying to get drinks and get a short time. That’s just a turn off. I told her she needs to relax a little. But she didn’t seem to care for my suggestion. I decided to head back to my apartment and along the way I stop to chat with the late night massage girls.

4th Night in Bangkok:

I was on my way back from Terminal 21 when I noticed a cute, red haired massage girl that I hadn’t noticed before. I stopped to talk to her and found out that she was a 20 year old university student. I asked her if she knew a lot of university girls that worked doing massage to pay for their education and she said she yes. Hmmmmmm….. I do love supporting higher education. The shop fee was 600 Baht for in the shop or 800 Baht for take-out. I opted for their room. It was small but private. This girl had some good size natural breasts on her too. Very nice indeed. She gave me a quick massage but a much better special with a happy ending. When we were done I headed back to my apartment to try to get a couple of hours of sleep.

It was 6:00pm when I woke up and it was pouring down rain outside. I decided to wait to for the rain to slow down before heading out. By 9:30pm the rain had stopped so I headed to Soi Cowboy. First up was Shark bar and then Club-X but they cancelled their shows again due to not having many customers on the 2nd floor. But the good news is I found this hot, attractive spinner that I had been looking for since I saw her 3 nights earlier. She was hands down the most attractive spinner on stage. She was 20 years old and another university student. She agreed to go so I paid the 700 Baht bar fine and she went to change her clothes. On the way out a Japanese customer stopped to talk to her. I said was he interested in bar fining you? She said yes… Lol…. I beat the Japanese guy to the bar fine just in time. Lol.

Soon we were back in my apartment. As cute as she was the fantasy didn’t live up to the reality. She gave a terrible b/j and was overall a lousy fuck. Being used to the many Japanese customers that bar fine her after 5 minutes she’s saying are you done yet? Baby, I took my Levitra. I’m good to go for hours… Lol.

Having her ask are you finished yet every 2 minutes got to be annoying fast. I told her we could finish now if she would take a tip of 2,000 Baht instead of the 3,000 I had agreed to at the bar. She said yes and I decided to stop and shower. It was obvious her performance wasn’t going to improve to there was no point to continue. Plenty of girls back at the bars.  I walked her back to Soi Cowboy and then I headed over to Suzie Wong. My timing was great. They were just starting a 4 girl lesbian show. I pulled up a bar stool by the 2 most   attractive showgirls on stage to watch them get their pussy licks in.

When one of the girls looked my way I motioned for her and the other girl that she was licking to join me for drinks after they finished their show and she nodded her head yes. After the show the lesbian showgirls went to shower and the regular dancers came back on stage. I waved the dancer with the biggest and firmest breasts to come over and when she did I pulled out a pair of pasties with tassels and stuck them to her nipples. A few minutes later the 2 topless lesbian showgirls walk over to me and I motion to them to move to a booth in the back and bought them each a drink. I started talking to the girls to find out a little bit about them. Both dancers were 20 years old and I told them that since I wanted to bar fine them both for a private show then how about a discount on the tip? The girls agreed to a 1,800 Baht tip each plus the 700 Baht bar fine for each showgirl. 

The 2 lesbian showgirls went off to change into some clothes while I enjoyed watching the other dancers on stage. Ten minutes later all 3 of us all climbing into a Tuk Tuk to take us to my nearby apartment. The 2 girls showered together and then I took my turn. When we climbed into bed I had the girls take turns giving me a close up and personal lesbian show licking each others pussy while the other girl gave me a b/j, straddling the face of the other girl and having them move into a 69 position so that they could lick each others pussy at the same time.

I tried hard into getting the girls to put on and use a large strap-on cock on each other but they said no. I even offered them an extra 500 Baht tip each if they would do it but they still said no. Oh well. Since the girls wouldn’t use the strap-on I had the girls take turns by moving one girl between my legs to lick my balls while the other girl gave me a b/j. Life doesn’t get any better than this guys! After the b/j fun and balls bath I’d fuck one girl from behind while the other girl licked her clit. Both of these lesbian showgirls were great little fucks. In the end I had one of the girls lick my balls again while the other girl gave me a b/j until I unloaded into her mouth and then I had her French kiss the other girl for a cum swap. Yeah, I’m a little kinky but it was great entertainment. I looked at the clock and 2 hours had ticked by! You can’t rush having fun with 2 lesbian showgirls can you?  But I owe my endurance to those little Levitra pills. I couldn’t do it without them! Lol….. Now I was satisfied!
After we showered and dressed I walked the 2 showgirls back to Suzie Wong and I went over to Baccara. It was 2:10am and there were only a few girls dancing downstairs so I went upstairs where the girls dance topless. 

There were only a few girls on the 2nd floor too. I gave the dancers and service girls some gold plated rings and then I rolled up 20 Baht and placed it inside a light up LED balloon, inflated it and whacked it to send it flying towards a group of dancers sitting behind me. I noticed one super cute dancer over and told her I wanted to bar fine her later in the week and she nodded yes. I stayed in Baccara until 3:00am and then I walked up Soi 23 to a 24 hour Thai restaurant and ordered sweet and sour chicken with vegetables and steamed white rice.

There were 2 dancers from Suzie Wong eating too and they asked me if I wanted to join them. Why not? I moved over to their table. One of the dancers said that she had worked at Suzie Wong for 3 years so she had recognized me from my past couple of trips to Bangkok as I often visit Suzie Wong once to twice each night. The girls were tired and going home after eating but I was still ready to party. I grabbed a taxi to take me to Climax on Soi 11. It wasn’t very crowded but I did spot the crazy former massage girl again. She walks over and gives me a hug and then pats down each pocket and shoves her hand into my cargo pants pocket that has my wallet and starts to remove it. Damn! She was fast but the buttons on the flap caused the wallet to snag. I grabbed her by the arms and gave her a shove back. WTF? I asked her what kind of drugs was she on but she denied being on drugs. I was like I don’t think I believe you bitch! You sure have me fooled! By 4:30am the crowd had really thinned out so I decided to leave and walk up Sukhumvit. I was still hungry so I stopped in the 24 hour McDonalds and ordered a Fish Fillet meal before heading back to my apartment to get some sleep.

5th Night in Bangkok:

I started the night around 7:00pm by heading to Soi 19 to see a cute massage girl that I’ve known for 4 years. She agreed to meet me at my apartment around 9:30pm. Great! But when the time came she was a no show. I waited until 10:30pm and then headed for Soi Cowboy. First up was Baccara. I was surprised to find that they had opened the 3rd floor when they had lots of dancers and customers. I placed 20 Baht notes into LED light up balloons and then inflated them and sent them flying towards the dancers. I gave one cute dancer that I liked a mini stuffed Hello Kitty before heading out. Next up was Long Gun which is one of my favorite gogo bars. I saw this one attractive showgirl that was nude but she was shy and holding her g-string in her hand in front of her pussy. Hmmmmmm… I like those shy types. I invited her over for a drink to talk. She was 24 years old and had only been dancing 3 months. Before that she sold clothes in a shop.

I told her I’d like to bar fine her but she said that she didn’t do b/j’s. I said I’d bar fine her but doing a b/j was going to have to be part of the deal. I said I’ll tell you what. Since you don’t do b/j’s if you do it for me I’ll tip you an extra 500 Baht. She looked apprehensive and took a couple of minutes to think about it before reluctantly saying yes. Great!  I paid the bar fine and she went to change into some clothes. When she came back we stayed to watch the soapy show, dart and balloon girl and ping pong ball shows first before heading to my apartment. 

I pulled a light up LED egg out of my pocket and handed it to the ping pong ball girl and offered her 100 Baht to use it with her show. She shook her head no at first as it was about 3 times the size of a ping pong ball. Then she said 500 Baht! I said yes she lubed up the egg. She tried several times to get the light up glowing egg to slide from her pussy into the glass but she missed each time. Finally she gave up trying but the audience applauded their appreciation and I gave her 500 Baht. It was entertaining to watch the light up egg slide out from her pussy lips and down her thighs. Even the service girls and mamasans had to laugh.

While all of this was going on I noticed a tall thin dancer with flat rock hard abs (love that on a girl). I waved her over to talk to her briefly. She was 20 years old, a university student and had only been dancing 1 month. If I had seen her first I would have bar fined her instead but I had already paid the bar fine for the other girl. I told the thin dancer that I’d be back later and that I wanted to bar fine her too and she nodded yes.

The showgirl and I got in a TukTuk and we were off to my apartment. This girl was super shy. She wanted all the lights off which I said no to and in bed she was covering her breasts with her arm and covering her pussy with her other hand. It took her several minutes to loosen up. After she relaxed some I had her give me the b/j she promised. I could tell that she didn’t have much experience. It might of even been her first attempt at giving a b/j. She looked pretty nervous about it. Being as shy as she was the fuck was also a bit average but she did have a beautiful face and a great body so you make allowances. I kept the fun short because I wanted to go back to Long Gun and look for the tall thin university student. Within an hour I’m walking the showgirl back into Long Gun and to my surprise the university girl is still there. Great! I waved her over and told her I wanted to bar fine her right now. She agreed and went to change and we’re out the door a few minutes later.

Back at the apartment I enjoyed looking at this girls body. Tight as a drum abs and ass. No kids and she only weighed 40 kg. This girl turned out to be a great fuck and sucked my cock down to my ass. WOW! I should have bar fined her first. Thanks to me taking another half Levitra pill before the fun began I managed to make it last 2 hours between the sheets with this girl. When we were done it was 4:00am. I got us a taxi back to Soi Cowboy. She was going home and I was going to get something to eat. What a way to finish the night!

6th Night in Bangkok:

I was walking up Soi 23 at 10:30am to make my way to Foodland on Soi 16 for their American style breakfast when I noticed a super cute massage girl that I hadn’t seen before. I walked over to talk to her and found out that she was a 20 year old university student doing massage part time and had only been working 1 month. She was only going to be at the shop until 12 noon. Hmmmmmm…. Ok, the hell with breakfast. I agreed to get a massage at her shop instead. We head up to a room and her massage skills weren’t too good so I asked about a special. It turns out all she had done so far was give hand jobs and always fully clothed! Never a b/j or full service. After some more conversation I find out that she had never ever given a b/j. She was a b/j virgin! Jackpot! It took me 15 minutes of negotiation but I finally got her to agree to give her first ever b/j using a condom. But as part of the deal I told her she had to strip. She was hesitant but finally took everything off except her panties. I said those too! It took another 5 minutes of discussion before she slid the black panties off. She looked at me and said but don’t touch ok? Hmmmmmmm….

 She had several false starts where she started to lower her mouth to my cock but then backed off unsure of what to do. After about the 3rd attempt she worked up her nerve and went for it. She was officially sucking her first cock ever. It reminded me of those Japanese porn debut movies where they find some fresh new girl to give a b/j for the first time. It was fantasy turned real life.

Afterwards I gave her a tip and a gold plated ring and a mini stuffed Hello Kitty as gifts. She was all smiles and I could finally continue on to get a late breakfast or lunch since it was now 12 noon. When I finally got back to my apartment I crashed in bed to get some much needed sleep.

It would be 9:00pm before I made my way back to Soi Cowboy. First up was Baccara and then Long Gun. I saw a thin dancer and waved her over. She was 20 years old and had only been dancing 1 month. I bought her 3 drinks and wanted to bar fine her. She waved the mamasan over and she told me the girl was having her period. Damn! Then I was going to bar fine the showgirl that I had bar fined before but she already had a customer.

I decided to head over to Suzie Wong. Inside I found one of the 2 lesbian showgirls that I had bar fined before. I wanted to bar fine this girl by herself but she only wanted to go if I bar fined her friend too. I would have but I needed to watch my Baht budget too. Unable to seal the deal I left and went over to the 2nd floor in Baccara to look for this cute dancer that I had  been watching for the past 3 nights. Baccara was jammed packed with Japanese customers but I soon found the girl I was looking for at the top of the stairs. I bought her the mandatory 2 drinks that you have to buy before you can bar fine a dancer in Baccara and then paid the 600 Baht bar fine. Ten minutes later we’re back at my apartment. She told me that she had only been dancing 3 months and that before that she worked in a rubber plantation. She also said that she hadn’t been bar fined in 3 days because she had small breasts and now the Japanese were bar fining girls with big silicone tits. Well, I thought she had a great body. Everything was small firm and tight just the way I like it. 

We showered together and then moved to the bed. Then I reached for a min vibrator covered with a condom to use on her clit. Well let me tell you that Baccara dancer turned out to be a great fuck. How good? With the Levitra boost I went through 5 condoms with this girl! It was 2:15am by the time we made it back to Soi Cowboy. She went back to Baccara and I continued on to Raw Hide to talk to the mamasan I know there. Afterwards I grabbed a taxi to Mixx Club. I talked to the taxi driver about the clubs and how much they pay drivers to bring in customers. He told me Mixx pays taxi drivers 300 Baht to drop off customers, Club Insanity pays 200 Baht and Climax 100 Baht. When I walked into Mixx it was crowded but young European guys outnumbered the girls 3 to 1. 

After about 30 minutes I left and got another taxi to take me to Climax. Inside Climax there were lots of girls but many were high mileage types. One girl grabbed me and started bumping her ass into me and then she turned around to stick her tongue down my throat. Personally I prefer girls a bit more relaxed and not so hardcore. She told me that she was 34 years old and I could tell that her body was a bit flabby and not so great. I told her that I was leaving and she assumed the sale thinking that I wanted her to come along. She grabbed my hand and started to follow. I said no baby. I’m leaving alone. Sorry. You should have seen the shocked looked of disappointment on her face. I walked back up Sukhumvit and stopped to have a Singha beer at a sidewalk bar on the corner of Asoke and Sukhumvit. Two sisters have been running the same sidewalk bar for about 4 years now. They had a cute 20 year old bar girl working there but my Baht budget for the night was depleted. Perhaps I’d take her up on her services another time. I paid for my beer and then I headed back to my apartment to get some sleep.

7th Night in Bangkok:

Around mid afternoon I stopped at a Soi 23 massage that had a cute 20 year girl with short blood hair working. She had only been doing massage a short time. I paid the shop fee and walked her back to my apartment. She had a great natural body on her and gave me an outstanding special massage. Later that evening I started the night in Raw Hide in Soi Cowboy to talk to two of the mamasans that used to work in Long Gun and that I’ve known for several years. Inside some girls were dancing nude and others in white bikini tops and short skirts. I asked the mamasan and she confirmed what I suspected. The girls in the white skirts and tops were the shy new girls. I gave gold plated rings to all the dancers and the mamasans. Then I placed a pair of pasties on the big tits of one of the dancers on stage. I noticed a dancer at the far right side of the stage with a slim tight body that was too shy to approach me .

 I talked to the mamasan and I found out that the shy dancer had only been dancing 3 days and hadn’t had a customer bar fine her yet. She had a unique look. It turns out her mom was Thai but her dad Filipino which gave her very attractive looks indeed. I had another dancer tap her on the shoulder and then waved her over for a drink. She actually spoke good English. Her Filipino dad lived in America but her parents divorced when she was 8. Before dancing she sold clothes in a mall in Issan. I asked her if she would like to leave with me and she agreed. The bar fine was 600 Baht. It didn’t take long to get back to my apartment and she didn’t waste any time getting down to business. So far this trip she was the first girl to be able to open her mouth wide enough to give me a deep throat blow job. Got to love that. She turned out to be a kinky girl too. While she was giving me a b/j she lubed up her hand and shoved a finger up my ass. Damn girl! 

She was an equally good screw and she finished me off with another deep throat b/j and CIM finish. After we showered and dressed she left to go home and I walked back to Soi Cowboy to continue my fun. I was just in time to catch the end of the hot candle wax show in Club-X. There were 2 nude dancers dripping hot candle wax on their bodies and one of these girls was a super hot little spinner. I wanted to buy her a drink but another guy had already done so. My fault for getting to the show late. Another nude dancer that I had bar fined a couple of days before came over to me. I rubber her breasts and kissed her nipples while finishing watching the shows. I thought about bar fining this girl again but instead I paid my drink bin and headed to Nana Plaza.

At Nana I bar hopped into Straps, Mercury and Mandarin gogo. In Mandarin they have dancers and coyotes. The bar fine for coyotes is 1,500 Baht.  Next up was Angelwitch where I talked to the mamasan. All the dancers were a bit average in the body department so I soon left and went down to Rainbow 1. Now Rainbow 1 dancers used to only pay attention to Japanese customers. But I can tell you that now they pay attention to westerners too. Or maybe it was just because it was slow season. Whatever the reason I didn’t have any trouble getting the attention of any of the Rainbow 1 dancers. The bar fine in Rainbow 1 is 600 Baht and the dancers wanted 2,500 Baht if you used a short time room in Nana Plaza or 3,000 Baht for going back to your hotel. The mamasan made it clear to me that if you bar fined a dancer you were on a 1 hour short time clock. Hmmmmmmm….. I didn’t like that part very much. I saw one dancer with a cute face and well defined ab muscles and nice figure. I told the mamasan that I might come back for her later or the next day and then I left. On my way out I ran into a dancer I know that used to work at Suzie Wong and then Shark bar in Soi Cowboy. She looked hot and has had breast implants since  I saw her last. She was just returning from a bar fine. We chatted briefly and then I continued on up Sukhumvit to the Thermae Coffee House. It was jammed packed with girls lining the walls and mostly Japanese customers.

Like my experience at Rainbow gogo I didn’t have any trouble getting smiles and finding friendly ladies in the Thermae. I chose a cute girl with short red hair. She was 24 years old and she and her friend worked in a shop selling clothes during the day and then came down to the Thermae on Friday, Saturday and Sundays nights to boost their incomes.

The Thermae girl and I agreed on a tip and we took a taxi back to my apartment. Although the body wasn’t tight she was enthusiastic between the sheets. When we finished I flagged her a taxi and I walked back to Soi Cowboy. First up was Long Gun but most of the dancers had already been bar fined. I bought a drink for one hardcore showgirl that’s been at Long Gun for 5 years. She never wanted to go with me before because I bar fine too many dancers out of Long Gun. But this night she said that she would go with me. Perhaps the fact that she was drunk helped. But I told her that I thought she was a scorpion and was sure she had a sting in her tail. She just laughed. I decided to pass on the showgirl. Her body was ok but her tits sagged a bit but overall she was too high mileage for my tastes. 

I paid for the drinks and then headed to Baccara. It was only 1:00am but when I walked in there were only 3 girls on stage and 3 girls upstairs. All of the girls had been bar fined and Baccara has 200 dancers! Damn! I was about to leave when I noticed this one cute spinner sitting by herself. I waved her over for a drink. She was 20 years old and told me that she had only been dancing 10 days. Bingo! I told her that I’d bar fine her if she did b/j’s. The girl said that she didn’t do b/j’s but I told her that was a deal breaker then. I talked to her some more and discovered that it wasn’t so much that she didn’t do b/j’s it was that she had never ever given a b/j before! She was a b/j virgin! Hmmmm…
It took me 20 minutes to explain to her what I wanted her to do using my fingers as props. Finally she agreed to give me a b/j. Success! I bought her 2 tequilas and then paid the bar fine. 

Back at the apartment the first thing I did was mix her a drink of vodka and Sprite to loosen her up a bit. After showering we moved to the bed. She was a shy girl and hesitant about what to do in regard to the b/j but I instructed her to get between my legs and stretch out. Then using my fingers again to illustrate what I wanted her to do in regard to licking and sucking my cock I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her towards my dick. She opened her mouth and started her virgin b/j. She was a good student and quick learner. Thanks to the Levitra boost I was able to spend the next 2 hours fucking this Baccara spinner in every way that I could. It was 4:10am when we were done. I tipped her and she left to go home and I decided to call it an early night for once and get some sleep.

8th Night in Bangkok:

In the late afternoon I decided to walk down Soi 7/1 to take a look at the girls at Dr. BJ’s and Dr. Nuru Massage. I have to say it was a below average bunch of girls so I wasn’t enticed to use their services this trip. In the evening I started my night once again in Baccara in Soi Cowboy. I was looking for a particular girl that I had seen the day before but she wasn’t there. I left and grabbed a taxi to Nana Plaza. I bar hopped on the 2nd floor and talked to one dancer that I liked. I told her it was still early but that I’d be back at 11:00pm and if she was still there then I’d bar fine her. Then I left to go back to Soi Cowboy to catch the shows in Club-X. the ping pong showgirl was drunk and she came over and placed my hands on bare breasts and had me finger her wet pussy right there at my bar stool in the middle of the bar. I gave her a l light up LED egg to use for her ping pong ball show and she loved it. Even after the show she kept sticking the lit up egg in her pussy much to the amusement of the Japanese guys sitting nearby. Lol…. Next up was 2 nude girls doing the hot candle wax show. One of these girls was a hot spinner that could move her body like a python. Slow and sensual. WOW.

After the shows I went straight back to Nana Plaza to look for the dancer that I told I would come back for. I soon found her and we talked some more. She was 20 years old and a full time university student! She was studying accounting! I paid the bar fine and we were soon in a taxi back to my apartment. This girl was so super sweet and nice that I planned to bar fine her again. I got us a taxi and took her back to Nana Plaza.  It was now 2:00am. I thought about bar fining another dancer from the same bar but I didn’t want to risk making this girl mad as I wanted to bar fine her again too. I kissed the dancer goodnight and headed back out. I stopped briefly in Jail Birdz where a cute spinner I had promised to bar fine but didn’t came running over to me wanting to know where I’ve been? She was still on my “to do” list but not for today. I decided to head back to Soi Cowboy. Shark bar still had a lot of girls dancing but they have a 1,500 Baht bar fine and the girls want a 3,000 Baht tip to go short time. Next up was Long Gun before heading back over to Baccara where once again most all of the girls had already been bar fined. I did see the dancer I had bar fined the night before and gone 2 hours with. She told me her pussy was still sore from the marathon banging I gave her thanks to the Levitra boost.

I thought about heading to a disco but instead decided to walk down Soi 23 to check out the massage girls. I saw the cute 20 year old massage girl that had given me a massage a couple of days before. In this shop the manager doesn’t like the girls to go back to customers hotels. She prefers in shop service. It was now 3:00am and it took some negotiation before I got the manager to agree to let the girl come back to my apartment building which you could see from the shop. The shop fee was 800 Baht and the massage would be a 1,500 Baht tip. The massage girl was pretty much fresh from Issan and didn’t speak one word of English. I asked her how many customers she had that day and she said 4 and I was going to be number 5. Hmmmmmm… I said baby I need you to take a nice long shower and soap up before my massage. OK?

An hour later she had completed the massage and special and walking out of my apartment. Being that it was 4:00am and had just shot my wad for the night I decided to pass on the discos and climb into bed to get some sleep instead.

9th Night in Bangkok:

I was on my way to breakfast when I stopped to talk to a cute massage girl with a nice body that had given me a massage the previous year. She checks my hand to see if I have any stamps from discos and doesn’t see any. Then she said what did you do last night? I said well I stopped at a massage shop not far from your’s and found thus cute 20 year old massage girl to give me a massage at 3:00am. Well that was a mistake. I asked her if she would like to give me a massage today and she got pissed. She said if you need a massage go see the cute girl!!!! I said baby, it was 3:00am and you go home at 5:00pm. Don’t be mad. Besides how many customers did you give specials to yesterday? She says 3. I said ok then. Why are you pissed at me then? But she stayed pissed so I walked off. You know you’re bad butterfly man when a massage girl that sucks and fucks 3 or more guys a day won’t give you a special! LOL….

Later that same day I stopped to talk to a big breasted massage girl on the same Soi. I asked her about a massage but she said no. Why? She said that she had heard from other massage girls that I had a big cock like her wrist and that she was afraid to give me a massage special! Damn! Turned down for specials by 2 massage shop whores in the same day!

By 8:00pm I had made my way to Baccara in Soi Cowboy. I was looking for the super cute dancer that I had talked to the night before. She was 23 years old and had only been dancing 1 week. I quickly found and bar fined her. We were out the door in ten minutes. This girl was so super sweet. A real heart breaker that you could lose your common sense over. She was a fun girl and we had a great time together. Afterwards I walked her back to Baccara and I went over to Suzie Wong and Long Gun to watch the shows. I got to see the Long Gun Showgirl that I had bar fined a couple of days ago. Damn she’s hot the way she moves her body on stage! I wanted to bar fine her again but she already had a customer. I bought a drink for another dancer and then I headed back to Baccara again. I soon found another new 20 year old dancer that had only been dancing a week.  She agreed to the bar fine and once again I’m on my way back to my apartment with a hot little spinner. She turned into one of my better Baccara fucks and agreed to a CIM finish for a happy ending.

On the way back to Soi Cowboy I stopped in the Cockatoo Ladyboy bar. Inside I was surprised to see several husband and wife couples. Across from me was one Chinese husband and wife that were all smiles. They had a ladyboy sitting on each side of them. The husband was rubbing the tits of one ladyboy and the other ladyboy was stroking the Chinese guys dick as his wife smiled. The Chinese guy looked over at me and raised his glass in a toast and I did the same in return.

After leaving Cockatoo I went back over to the second floor in Baccara. It was now 2:00am and most of the girls had been bar fined but 2 of the girls dancing were ones that I had already bar fined. The one girl didn’t want to go with me again because of the 2 hour fucking I gave her but the other girl was more open for a second round but her body wasn’t as hot as the other girl. I bought both girls drinks and sat back and relaxed until 2:50am.

I paid the drink bin and made my way outside where I chatted with a couple of Kiss coyote dancers. They said that they were going to Club Insanity around 3:30am. Hmmmmm.. I told them they might just see me there. Then I made a round of the nearby sidewalk bars. There was one cute girl I thought about bar fining but I was hungry so I made my way to a Thai restaurant on Soi 23. After eating I was walking past Club-X and ran into a couple of dancers. They said that they were going to Scratch Dog on Soi 20 and wanted to know if I wanted to come along. I said sure which was a mistake as I ended up pay 1,200 Baht in cover charges for all of us. I should have just said I’ll meet you there. The girl that invited me was really drunk and by 5:00am she was dozing off. Her friend wanted me to take the drunk dancer home with me but I knew she would be passed out in 5 minutes and probably wouldn’t wake up until noon. What fun could that be? I told the girls maybe another time and then I walked back to my apartment on Soi 23 to call it a night.

10th Night in Bangkok:

I started my day walking up to Terminal 21 to buy some lunch. Along the way I stopped to talk to the hot massage girl that was pissed at me for getting a massage from a girl at another nearby shop. I gave her a small pink crystal heart necklace as a peace offering. Well, she let’s into me fresh “How many girls you give?” Shit! There was just no pleasing this girl. I said baby I’m only here for a couple of more days come on give me a massage. She said if you want massage from me then 20,000 Baht for 1 hour. Otherwise you go see the cute massage girl at the other shop or maybe you wait until you come back next year! LOL…. I said ok baby. I give up. See you next year and I walked away.
On my way back I saw the blond hair massage girl that I had taken back to my apartment a couple of days earlier. I paid the shop fee and invited her back to my apartment for a second round of massage. She was fresh from the farm in Issan and didn’t speak any English but she knew what she had to do. An hour later she’s walking back up to her massage shop.

Later that night I stopped at Baccara in Soi Cowboy again. I was looking for a new girl that I’d seen before but I couldn’t find her so I focused my attention on the topless girls on the 2nd floor. One girl that was above average in looks with perfectly shaped silicone tits caught my eye. She also had these large protruding nipples which all of the Japanese guys were also admiring. Despite the silicone tits I had a feeling she might be fairly new to dancing in Baccara by the shy way she moved. I waved her over to have a drink when she finished dancing. She was 24 years old, going to university and sure enough she told me that she had only been dancing for 2 weeks. Jackpot once again! She told me that until recently she had an American boyfriend in the USA that had been sending her money for 18 months but apparently either he wised up or ran out of cash and stopped sending money so they broke up.

She agreed to the bar fine and I got us a TukTuk back to my apartment. I usually don’t go for girls with silicone tits but this girl has such a cute face to go with those perfectly shape breasts that I just couldn’t resist. She also turned out to be a great fuck.

When we finished I took her back to Baccara and then I went over to Suzie Wong. I was just in time for the 4 girls doing the all tongues out lesbian show. Always a good thing. After the shows I walked over to Long Gun but all of their attractive dancers had been bar fined and all that was left was the beefy “B” team. I left and got a taxi to Nana Plaza to look for the same dancer that I had bar fined before. The dancer found me first and I bar fined her again for round two. The mamasan said she had to be back in a hour because a lot of girls didn’t show up that night. Damn. I hate being on a 1 hour clock! I took her back to my apartment but it’s hard to relax when you know the clock is ticking towards 60 minutes. When we were done she grabbed a taxi back to Nana Plaza and I went back to Soi Cowboy. It was after 1:00am which meant most of the cute girls had already been bar fined. I decided to get a taxi and go back to Nana Plaza and soon saw the girl I had bar fined earlier standing outside her bar. I bought her a drink and then I went up to Jail Birdz. The girls were average and many were a bit pudgy when you looked close.

It was now 2:00am so I decided to head back to Soi Cowboy again. I went up to the 2nd floor of Baccara and found a super cute looking girl. I waved her over for a drink and to talk to her. She was 21 years old and a university student. She had only been dancing a little more than a week. I bar fined her and took her back to my apartment. Another shy girl it took me 10 minutes to convince her to drop the towel once we were in bed and even then she was covering her breasts with her arms. I decided to talk to her some more first to loosen her up. She told me up to now all of her customers had been Japanese guys that simply bar fined her to take her out to karaoke bars to sing, discos and to drink. Afterwards the guys would pass out drunk without even having sex with her. I said baby, I’m not Japanese and I did make it clear before I bar fined you that I definitely wasn’t interested in singing karaoke. Lol…

It took some time for her to loosen up but I finally got her to give me a b/j. But let me tell you she might be shy but she could deep throat a submarine! Damn! By far the best deep throat b/j of any girl I had been with. I said baby you’re good. She said all girls can do. I said no baby. Not all girls can go deep like that! When we finally moved on to more serious business she was gripping the pillows so hard that I thought she’d rip them as she moaned away. When we were finished she grabbed a taxi to go home and I grabbed a taxi to take me to Club Insanity. The club wasn’t crowded but I stayed until closing time at 5:00am and the club turned off the music. Then I made my way to the 24 hour Thai restaurant on Soi 23 to get something to eat before heading back to my apartment for some much needed sleep.

11th Night in Bangkok:

At 1:00pm I went to see the massage girl I’ve known for 4 years. She told me that she had been a no show the other night because her sister just had her baby. I said no problem. We made an appointment for her to come to my apartment today at 3:00pm. I was in the lobby using the apartment computer when she showed up early at 2:20pm. Great! We go upstairs and she gives me a great Thai massage first to loosen up. Then we moved on to move intimate services for the next 2 hours. She really is one of the best massage girls I’ve been with the past 4 years I’ve visited Bangkok plus she speaks English so it’s always more fun to spend time with her.

By 9:00pm I was on my way to Long Gun in Soi Cowboy. I talked to the super hot showgirl that I had bar fined before. I wanted a second go but she said that she was on her period. In reality I think that she just didn’t want another 2 hour session. (Thanks to my Levitra boost).

There was another 20 year old dancer that had only been dancing 1 week. She had a cute face but was more than a bit pudgy from having a baby. I decided to pass on this one. I left and went to Baccara which was packed. To my pleasant surprise they had all nude dancers on the first and second floor doing an erotic show. In reality it was a bit boring. Then by accident I bump into the dancer that I had been looking for all week. She was 20 years old, a university student and this was only her 5th night dancing in Baccara. I asked her how many tequilas does it take to get you feeling a bit drunk? She said 4 or 5. I ordered her 4 tequila shots and then she agreed to the bar fine. She was  a real cutie. Back at the apartment she serviced me quite well and ended with a CIM finish. I told her that I’d like to bar fine her again the next night if I saw her.

When we finished she left to go home and I grabbed a taxi to go to Club Insanity. As soon as I walked in a massage girl from one of the shops I walk past every day comes running up to me. She wasn’t really that attractive and was a bit fat. She was with a group of friends but I decided to pass and look for a girl a bit higher up on the beauty scale. Later another girl came up to me. She was the coyote girl that I had talked to outside Kiss gogo in Soi Cowboy a couple of days earlier. She was 31 years old and her friend also a coyote was 32 years old. I was interested in taking the 31 year old home with me but she said she had to find a guy for her friend first because she doesn’t speak any English. I looked around and said there are plenty of young guys she could choose. But the 31 year old said her friend didn’t like the young guys. I said why? She said because they don’t want to tip for services. They expect to get it for free! It was past 4:30am and I was tired of waiting for her to find a guy for her friend so I went ahead and left. Besides there wasn’t any other talent to choose from and the dance floor was full of young drunk guys from the middle east dancing with each other. It looked like a gay club in the desert. I called it a night and headed back to my apartment.

12th Night in Bangkok:

At 4:00p.m. I visited several all-inclusive massage shops on Soi 24. After looking at a couple of dozen girls I finally selected a 20 year old massage girl in Touch of Class. She didn’t speak any English but her massage skills and special services were just fine.
Afterwards I headed back to my apartment. My plan was to get some more sleep but they were conducting full blown fire drills in the building complete with fake smoke and firemen in breathing gear.

By 8:00pm I was back in Baccara in Si Cowboy. It was 8:30pm before I saw the sweet dancer that I had bar fined the night before. I saw her walk up to the 3rd floor to change and I followed. I told the bar staff that I wanted to bar fine the girl that just came upstairs. She doesn’t even have to change. They laughed and said you’re fast! I paid the bar fine and a few minutes later the Baccara dancer and I are back at my apartment for round 2. When we were done 90 minutes later I walked her back to Baccara and then I bar hopped in Raw Hide, Suzie Wong and Long Gun. I really didn’t see any girls that hit my hot button so I left and headed for Nana Plaza. 

I checked out Rainbow 1 but they had their beefy “B” team on stage. No thanks. I left and went upstairs to the 2nd floor gogo bars. A dancer I had bar fined before came over and I bought her a drink. But she seemed pissed that I wanted to bar fine one of the other hotties tonight. She did suggest that I bar fine her cute friend but I saw a girl that was even hotter and prettier dancing in the back. I waved her over and bought her a drink. She was 20 years old and another university student. She had only been dancing 1 week. After talking with her I found out that she had only been bar fined once so far in her first week! Oh yes! She agreed to the bar fine and before long we’re in a taxi back to my apartment. She was super shy, sweet and what a drum tight body. When we were done I walked her out to get a taxi and I headed back to Baccara in Soi Cowboy. I saw one dancer that I had bar fined before and asked her if she wanted to go again but she said no even though it was 1:00am. I paid my check bin and headed to Club-X. As soon as I walked in I spotted a shy new dancer so I waved her over for a drink and talked to the mamasan. She was 20 year old and had just started dancing that week. She agreed to the bar fine and minutes later a TukTuk is taking us to my apartment. What a hot little spinner. When we were finished an hour or so later I walked her out to get a taxi and I walked up to the mini-mart to get some snacks and chat with some nearby massage girls. It was about 3:00am and I thought about hitting the after hours clubs but I was exhausted since I didn’t get any afternoon snooze time in. Instead I headed back to my apartment to get some sleep.

13th & Last Night in Bangkok:

Around 4:00pm I took the MRT to head to the high end Poseidon Massage. I was going to go to their model floor but there plenty of attractive girls in the 2nd floor fish bowl. In the fishbowl the massage girls were either 2,700 Baht or 3,000 Baht for a 90 minute massage. On the model floor it was 4,200 Baht and up. I decided to pick the girl I thought had the most attractive face and body combination. She was one of the 2,700 Baht girls and 20 years old. She led me to the elevator and took me to one the massage rooms where we got undressed and she filled a large tub. She had had a very nice body and good skin complexion without a lot of heavy makeup so I was happy She joined me in the big tub scrubbing me down before we moved to the bed for the more intimate massage. All and all it’s a great value for 90 minutes of relaxation.

By 7:30pm I was in Soi Cowboy bar hopping but all my first choices for bar fines either had a customer, were on their period or didn’t want to go again. I finally found one very attractive brand new 24 year old dancer in Club-X. It was her first night dancing. But the mamasan and the dancer wanted me to prepay the bar fine and tip in advance. Having been burned on that kind of arrangement before I declined. Unable to come to an agreement I left and took a taxi to Nana Plaza. I quickly found a girl I liked and paid the bar fine. I didn’t have a lot of time as my flight home was in the early morning. Before long we were back at my apartment. We finished quickly I walked her out and gave her once last kiss goodbye and then I headed to Soi Cowboy for one last bar bar fine and a quickie before checking out.

It was my last bar fine in Bangkok and I made the most of it with the time I had. When we were done I walked the dancer outside. Then I returned to my room to quickly throw in the last few items in my suitcase and then head downstairs to check out and grab a late night taxi to the airport for the flight home…. All in all I had a pretty good time. More than previous trips? I can’t say. But overall I was more relaxed this trip.

Tally: 36 showgirls, gogo dancers, coyotes, massage shop girls and disco freelancers in 19 days.
Until next time. That’s Bangkok and Pattaya After Hours……

Disclaimer: This trip report is for entertainment purposes only. Some bar names have been changed or omitted. I don’t encourage anyone to party like I do and if you do I don’t assume any liability if you flat line at 5:00am. But what you do between consenting adults is your business. Play safe and party hard! I do!

 - Bangkok After Hours

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