Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Pattaya & Bangkok GoGo Bars Hits & Misses….

As I’ve already said some of the hits in terms of gogo bars are Club Electric Blue (highly recommended), Sugar Baby (also highly recommended) and Skyfall in Pattaya.

In Bangkok Long Gun and Suzie Wong will still give you the best value and entertainment for your Baht. Long Gun has several very attractive show girls that work the poles and slam themselves to the stage doing splits. Their ping pong ball showgirl also does the show in Rawhide. Always good for a laugh.

As for Suzie Wong how can you ever get tired of watching a 4 or 5 girl lesbian show? Its show time and then bar fine time for two right after the show…  It was for me anyway... What you decide to do is up to you… Lol…

As for misses I was surprised that Spanky’s in Pattaya and Bangkok weren’t doing any shows this past trip. They seemed to have enough customers especially in the Nana Plaza location. So I’m not sure what happened to their shows? Billboard on the 3rd floor of Nana Plaza is a shadow of its former self and some of the staff has moved to London Calling on the ground level.

Another miss is Baccara in Pattaya. They still have a lot of girls on stage but the quality has gone way, way down since they changed to looking for dancers with silicone tit implants. 

Shark in Soi Cowboy still has some very attractive girls with large silicone tits but the bar fine is 1,500 Baht and the girls are asking 3,000 Baht for s/t. Even after midnight the best girls weren’t budging 1 Baht off that number. It would seem that since the Japanese have changed their tastes to girls with big silicone implants that the Shark girls are holding out for the Japanese willing to pay the premium for the silicone.

Lighthouse in Soi Cowboy is another miss because while I was talking to one girl her friend ordered herself 4 drinks and then tried to slip the ticket into my drink bin. I caught her and tossed it right back and told her she bought those drinks. I didn’t. That’s happened to be before on a previous trip as well. That’s the last time I’ll ever go into Lighthouse in Soi Cowboy.

Obsessions ladyboy bar on the ground level of Nana Plaza has also seen better days. It used to be overflowing with dozens of rather attractive ladyboys trying to entice you for a drink. But each time I stopped in for a look there were only 3 ladyboys on stage. In fact overall the number of ladyboys in Nana Plaza seems to be way down. You might find that a good thing. As for me I always found the ladyboys entertaining. Just don’t take it too seriously and you’re fine. 

 - Bangkok After Hours

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