Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Monday, February 29, 2016

Budget Travel for Men - Getting more Bang for your Buck...

Budget travel for single men.  Are you planning on going overseas to Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines or Vietnam?  Want to save a lot of cash and party harder? Then book small, clean well located guest houses located near the entertainment areas! This saves you 50% - 75% off 3 star hotel costs.  For example you could book a 3 star hotel in an Asian country for $60 dollars per night. That's not bad. But then you could book a guest house for only $25 to $30 dollars per night! What do you give up? The hotel pool and restaurant. So what? I was in the Philippines for 11 nights and I never used the hotel pool and I only had breakfast in the hotel restaurant once! 

For cheap but filling meals for the budget traveler you have 2 choices. Eat street food when you can and hit the local 7-Eleven or mini-mart. They typically have meals you can heat up in their microwave or sandwiches that only cost you $2 dollars versus a tourist restaurant that’s going to cost you $5 to $10 dollars!

The guest house savings gives you more bang for your buck when you go out to the bars and after hours clubs to party all night! But do your research. You want to find a guest house with plenty of reviews that the room is clean, bug free, has a room safe, is guest friendly and of course is close enough to the night entertainment that you can walk there without the need of a taxi. For that I always check out the reviews on Trip Advisor before I book a room in any foreign country. 

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