Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
One Man's Wild Erotic Adventures in the Red Light Districts of Bangkok, Pattaya & Asia After Hours.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

FREE Sample Chapter: Asia After Hours

FREE Sample Chapter from: Asia After Hours

Here is the entire 3rd chapter of my latest travel book Asia After Hours that you can read for FREE to get an idea of what you'll read when you download the entire Kindle ebook from Amazon for only $0.99 cents. U.S. 

Bar niƱas, el sexo y los partidos!
Bar Hopping in Phnom Penh…

My first full night in Phnom Penh would be all about bar hopping. I flagged down a tuk-tuk to take me to Alices Pub on 144th street first. I had seen photo’s of some of the bar girls on Facebook and wanted to see them in person. But when I got there I discovered most of the girls didn’t work there anymore. The bar itself sits up about 3 blocks up from riverside but is pretty much alone without any other bars around. That’s a tough spot to be unless you have some very attractive ladies to draw in customers. I only recognized one girl and the other 2 girls weren’t that attractive. I had one drink and then left. Next up was Juicy Bar which is located across from Pontoon.

I didn’t find any appealing girls in Juicy bar so I had the tuk-tuk driver take me to Massa Massage next. Massa is a fishbowl type of massage shop where there are over a dozen girls sitting behind glass and each has a number. You simply pick the girl that you like. However, I didn’t see any girls that really did it for me so I left. The tuk-tuk driver said he knew of a better place with more girls and more attractive Vietnamese and Cambodian girls. The driver said the asking rate for full service was $50 dollars based on what customers had told him. I was skeptical but said what the hell. Take me there. Just a couple of minutes later we pull in front of what looks like a  hotel and I’m like WTF?  The driver said this was the right place and to just go in and ask about a massage. Ok. I’m game. So I walked in and when I saw the doorman I just said “massage”. He pointed to the stairway on my left and I climbed the stairs. On the 2nd floor were 3 girls in massage uniforms with a sign offering foot massages. I’m thinking  the tuk-tuk driver is either an idiot or is scamming me as this wasn’t what I had in mind.

But I continued down the hallway to a reception desk and asked about getting a “massage”.  A woman with a walkie-talkie comes over and says $10 dollars for 1 hour. Hmmmmm. Ok. I said let’s take a look. Then she leads me to a door on the side of the room. Inside this viewing room is a large window facing a big room but with no girls at first. Then she grabs the walkie-talkie and starts jabbering away. A minute later girls start to pour into the room. When all the girls had taken a seat there must have been 40 to 50 girls! The mamasan told me the girls in red uniforms were the Cambodian girls and that the girls wearing blue uniforms were the Vietnamese girls. It was a very impressive lineup and the Vietnamese girls were definitely prettier than the Cambodian girls.  I told the mamasan that I was just window shopping that night but that I’d be back later in the week for a massage.

I left and flagged down the same tuk-tuk driver and thanked him for showing me the secret massage shop and then asked him to take me to 104th street. Along the way we passed the Cyrcee (secret bar) and the driver told me the girls had a good reputation for giving customers blow jobs. Intrigued I had the driver circle the block and take me back to Cyrcee. Inside I found 15 to 20 attractive girls and the average age seemed to be mid $20’s. All the girls here were good to go. I talked to 2 girls. One with red hair and the other a blond. Both girls proceeded to rub my dick through my pants and then started French kissing each other! No beating around the bush here! 

I was very tempted to grab one or both girls but I wanted to keep bar hopping. I told the girls I would definitely be back to see them another night.  Outside I told the tuk-tuk driver to take me to 104th street. Once there I found that both Airforce and 104 bars were packed with customers and attractive bar girls. In Channary bar I talked to 4 or 5 girls. This one 20 year old girl wearing a crop top and showing off a flat stomach said that she was willing to go back to my hotel and that the bar fine was $10 and the requested tip $40. I said let’s go and a few minutes later we’re back at my hotel on 136th street. By the time we finished up our entertainment it was going on 2:00am.

Around 3:00am I had a tuk-tuk take me to Pontoon and then walked over to one of the small outdoor restaurants and ordered some food. While I’m eating a freelancer at the next table starts bitching about some western guy that’s sitting nearby that’s working in Phnom Penh as a teacher.  She starts going on about how she wants love but that the guy just wants to play. I’m thinking to myself: “What the fuck honey! I’m not a couples counselor! I’m here to play too!”

Before I know she gets up from her table and sits down beside me saying that she wanted to make the other guy jealous. Oh, fuck! Don’t drag me into your love drama bitch!  I quickly finished and paid for my meal so that I could get the fuck away from this crazy freelancer and her foreign teacher love drama.

I went over to Pontoon disco for a few minutes but didn’t see any girls that I really liked so I walked down to a 24 hour mini-mart for some ice cream. Across the street was the Walkabout Hotel and bar and it only had 2 customers and 2 girls inside. By now it’s going on 4:00am so I decided to call it a night and head back to my hotel to catch up on my sleep.

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