Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Indian Tourists Robbed in Hotel Room While Sleeping…

Pattaya One News reports that at 5:00am on Tuesday, an Indian couple awoke to find their room at Bella Hotel Express in disarray. The Indian tourist told police that he and his wife had spent the previous day sightseeing around Pattaya. When they returned to the room that night, they both slept heavily. Upon waking up, the couple discovered the theft. 135,000 Rupees, 40,000 Baht, and an iPhone 6 were missing. A robber may have accessed the room by climbing onto the balcony of their room.

As often is the case in Pattaya the Hotel CCTV was not working properly, so no footage could be reviewed.

Commentary: Sound sleepers those two. So a Thai Spiderman climbs up the wall and through the window without making a sound. Then he goes through the room in the dark finding all the valuables and climbs back out the window to make his escape without waking the 2 tourists. Hmmmmmm..

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