Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
One Man's Wild Erotic Adventures in the Red Light Districts of Bangkok, Pattaya & Asia After Hours.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

My Life Story.... It's Been an Adventure...

I often get messages from people that want to know a little more about my background so here you go:

Let's start with the beginning when I was lost in the woods as a child and raised by wolves. I’ve traveled the world in search of adventure. I’ve been on secret missions but I can’t tell you about them. (They wouldn't be a secret if I could tell you, would they?) I'm a world renowned mystery author of parties after hours for the rich, famous and not so famous. I once discovered the meaning of life but I forgot to write it down. You can never find a pen when you really need one! I've written Grammy Award winning songs if I could only get Adele to sing them...

I was once kidnapped by a crazed taxi driver in Bangkok but I made a daring midnight escape by leaping out the back like I was Superman as he slowed to go around a curve. Then I ran down the road, flagged down another metered taxi and jumped in the back to make my escape to a after-hours club only to be hit and run over by a car later on my way to another bar. But I survived and still made it to 3 more after hours clubs by 6am. Party hard or stay home as they say! A strong yet nimble man with the skills of a Kung Fu master when it comes to avoiding ladyboy pickpockets walking down the sidewalks of Thailand at 4am.

I read the book “50 Shades of Grey” but compared to my love life experiences I found the book rather tame and boring! Lol…. I once saved a small village in the Amazon jungle in South America from a hoard of hungry fire ants with only a broom and a bucket of water. I also stopped a herd of rampaging elephants in Africa by waving my arms like a bird. I’ve gone white water kayaking and rafting. I went spelunking (caving) in the mountains just once. The girl in front me had such a fat ass that she got stuck. I managed to make it back to the surface. As for that girl? Well.... Nobody goes down that cave anymore…

I skydived out of a plane during a raging summer thunderstorm and landed upright on my feet much to the surprise of the skydiving ground crew. I’ve piloted glider planes and helicopters. I survived a crash landing in a hot air balloon and walked away with only a sprained wrist. I out ran a river of molten lava flowing from an active volcano but my companion wasn't as lucky or fast enough. I wrestled alligators for amusement. I was once bitten by a poisonous cobra snake but the cobra died and I lived. I went swimming with great white sharks but got nervous when they looked at me with a mouth full of long sharp teeth. I eat healthy if you consider chocolate health food. I’m a former race car driver on the Pattaya go-kart track circuit. I trained to be an astronaut but I was too tall for the space capsule.

I gambled big but lost bigger. I was going to join the Navy and become a submariner but discovered that I’m claustrophobic. I take amazing world class digital photos of the world’s most beautiful and stylish lingerie hanging on the rack in Victoria’s Secret. If I could only find an attractive woman willing to model all that lingerie then my photos would look so much nicer! I came close to winning $200 million dollars in the lottery if you count having 2 correct numbers out of 6 being close...
Out of 100 pages of instruction in the Kama Sutra I’ve tried 99. I’m still working on perfecting number 100. (It takes practice).

Besides all of that my goal is to continue to travel and write about my adventures to other countries until I’m too old to do so or flat line in the process….

Living  La Vida Loca!


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