Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Sex With Robots Will Overtake Sex With Humans by 2050....

From Yahoo News: A sex robot developer believes that some people will enthusiastically embrace relationship-free robot sex as soon as they can afford one, as early as 2025, but that it won’t have much chance of overtaking sex with humans overall until 2050.

Commentary: What this means for girls from the farm or province in the future is that there won’t be any jobs working bars or gogo bars any longer. They will have been replaced by fembots that a customer can never get drunk. Never spends all her time playing games on her iPhone, always smiles at each and every customer and never says no to a bar fine regardless of how old, fat and ugly the customer is. But my personal opinion is that the youth of tomorrow won’t believe what it was ever like not to have sex with a robot the same way kids today take smart phones and X-Box for granted as having always been there when they were growing up. They won’t believe us old timers that remember what it was like to party with real girls in the bars after hours! A sad, sad future for the youth of tomorrow… 

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