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Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Monday, April 11, 2016

Thai Twin Sisters? That’s a Bar Fine For Two!

Thai Twin Sisters? That’s a Bar Fine For Two!
отчетов о поездках Sexy Две сестры, работающие в баре в Паттайе, Таиланд.

I was in Spankys in Pattaya  and I had just made my way back downstairs after tossing a dozen g-strings to the gogo girls on the first floor while  I was on the 2nd floor balcony.  Next I walked around the stage and gave each of the girls a Mardi Gras beaded necklace to wear before returning to my seat. That’s when I noticed a attractive new girl on stage that I hadn’t seen before. I decided to get up and go over and talk to her offered to buy her a drink. That’s when she pointed to the girl next to her and said “sister”. Damn! I could immediately see the family resemblance. Could it be?
Now I’m prepared for just such an emergency situation like this as I’ve learned just enough Thai to say: “Friend? Or sister? Same mother?” The dancer nodded yes when I said: “Sister? Same mother?”  “Yes again! Jackpot! So what else could I do? What would you do?  I immediately bought drinks for both sisters and had them come over to a booth and sit down on both sides of me!

As I talked to the sisters I found out that the first sister that I had talked to was 22 years old and the younger sister was 20 and that both girls had only been working in the bar 1 month. After talking with both girls for 10 minutes they had to get back up to go dance again. In the meantime I was distracted by other dancers while I continued passing out beaded necklaces to the server girls.

Once all the beads were gone I decided to walk over to the stage and tell the 20 year old sister that I wanted to bar fine her and her older sister. The girl looked at me strange and unsure at first and that’s when another girl with similar looks stepped in from behind the girl I was just talking to. I was totally confused. What am I seeing here? The older sister just pointed and said “sister”. What the fuck? I said you mean to tell me that all 3 of you are sisters? “Yes” came the answer! Oh my God! I’d hit the mother lode! I asked the older sister how old the 3rd sister was and she said 20. Huh? Wait! The other sister said that she was 20 years old too! Could it be? I asked if the 2 younger sisters had the same birthday. Guess what? They did! I had stumbled upon 20 year old twin sisters working in the same gogo bar! Plus there was a 3rd sister working with them! Holy shit! My fantasy of all fantasies was standing right in front of me!

The mamasan walked over to me and asked if I wanted to bar fine all 3 sisters but I knew that I’d have my hands full with just the 2 twins as that had been my ultimate fantasy for a decade. I told the mamasan that I’d just bar fine the twin sisters that night and that’s when the negotiations started. The twins wanted 3,000 Baht each for short time and I would have paid it without blinking an eye if I had to but I was on a budget after all. I told the twins that I was staying at Secrets on Soi 14 and that we could be there in 2 minutes. As such both the twins ended up agreeing to 2,000 Baht each. Deal!
I paid the mamasan the bar fines and the girls went off to put some clothes on. While I was waiting for the twins to come back a guy sat down next to me and we started to talk. He was from the East Coast of the USA too and he told me that he was the manager at Spanky’s. I gave him the Internet address for my Bangkok After Hours blog and asked him to check it out when he got a chance.
When the first twin sister came back and sat down next to me the Spanky’s manager told me that I had made a good choice in the girl that I had bar fined. I laughed and told him that I bar fined 2 of his dancers because I party hard! The Spanky’s manager laughed and told me to have a good time. Oh, I would. I’d have a very good time alright. I would indeed!

A few minutes later I was walking both twin sisters down Walking Street and then up Soi 14 to my room in Secrets. The girls gave the front desk their ID’s and I checked to make sure that everything was cool with their ages and the clerk said yes. Up to my room I go with the twins following behind me. Inside the room I asked the sisters if they had ever gone with the same customer together before and they said no. It was their first time to be bar fined by the same customer! Oh my lucky day! I get to be the first guy to fuck both twin sisters at the same time! This was truly my ultimate bar girl fantasy come true! I wouldn’t give a fuck if I had a heart attack and died afterwards!
I gave the twins clean towels so that they could shower. When the girls came out to dry off I hopped in to take a record fast shower myself. I wasn’t about to waste 1 minute of time. When I finished I had both girls lay down on the bed and I crawled in between the twins. One of the twins was a lot shyer than the other which made it all the more interesting. I tried hard to get the twins to do a little light lesbian and lick each other’s pussy and breasts but they just giggled, laughed and shook their head no. While I licked the nipples of one twin I did grab the hand of the other twin and placed it on her sister’s breast and then repeated it with the other sister while both girls giggled.
Next it was time for me to get some double pleasure so I asked the twins to give me a blow job. Both girls shook their heads no. Hmmmm… I decided that I had better ask them a few more questions first. It turned out that neither twin had ever given a blow job before! Never! Damn! There I was with two naked 20 year old twin sisters with virgin mouths in front of me and I knew right then that I needed to be first guy in line!

It took me a good 5 minutes or more of negotiations and explanations to the twins that if they’re going to work as bar girls and expect good tips then the customers are going to expect good blow jobs.

Since I was going to be their first I offered the twins 500 Baht more for each girl to give me a blow job. Then I picked up a strawberry flavored condom and explained to the girls how to start off the blow job by licking my cock by using my fingers to illustrate it for them. Both girls giggled and talked it over some more. Time was ticking by. I just repeated “500 Baht more”. The shy twin then said 5,000 Baht? 2,500 Baht each? I said “yes” that’s right sweetie. 2,500 Baht each if you each do a blow job too. The two girls talked some more and then nodded in agreement that they would each give me a blow job. Success!

I was about to pop the virgin mouth cherry’s on two 20 year old twin Thai sisters! My life would never get any better than it would that night! I rolled the condom down my now rock hard dick and then I laid back and instructed the more outgoing of the twins to get started sucking my cock. The twin sister started off with some tentative licks to taste the strawberry flavored condom and then she stopped to explain it to her shyer twin sister and both girls giggled again.

The more outgoing twin then returned her tongue to my cock taking slow licks up and down the shaft. Eventually I placed my hand on the back of her head and pushed the head of my cock deeper into her virgin throat and she began to suck it. You’ve got to love teaching new girls how to give their first blow job! The shy twin started giggling again as she watched her sister suck my cock and then she closed her eyes in embarrassment. She really was a shy girl but it would be her turn soon enough.
After the outgoing twin had sucked my cock for 5 minutes it was time to switch things up and let the shy twin take her licks. The outgoing twin helped me to instruct the shy twin what to do as she took her first licks of a cock ever. Finally she opened her mouth and started to suck the head of cock. She wasn’t as quick a learner as her twin but I wasn’t about to complain. The more outgoing twin just giggled as she watched her more shy twin sister suck my cock.

Now that I had popped the virgin mouth cherries of both 20 year old twin sisters it was time to get down to some serious fucking. I decided that I’d fuck the shy twin first and finish with the more outgoing sister. I pulled the shy twins mouth off my cock and had her lay down on her back and then I got between her legs and placed them over my shoulders. I slowly pushed my cock into her pussy as her twin sister watched next to her. Once I had my cock inserted I rolled her onto her side facing me and kept her legs bent with her knees near her chest so that I could really pump the entire length of my cock all the way into her tight wet pussy. While I fucked her I grabbed her twin sister’s hand and placed it on her sister’s breast to squeeze it which made both twins giggle.

Next I turned the twin over and pulled her on top of me to ride my cock while I lay back to enjoy watching as her pussy rode up and down the shaft of my dick. After a few minutes I rolled the shy twin over again this time facing away from me. Now I could fuck he her on her side doggy style. I placed my hand behind her knee’s to pull her  legs up and then shoved my cock into her pussy from behind until I’m slapping against her ass. Time was ticking away and since I had the 2 twins I needed to switch and start fucking the other sister now.

Once I had the more outgoing twin on her back I basically repeated the same positions that I had just used on her sister. They were twins after all so why not give them an identical fucking? It seemed to make sense to me at the time. It still does! Like her sister earlier the shy twin was all giggles again when I placed her hand on her sister’s breast. But I ended up fucking the outgoing twin twice as long.
Time was running out and I really want one of the twins to agree to let me do a cum in the mouth finish but neither sister would agree to it. Such a shame. I really wanted to be the first one to fill one of their virgin mouths full of cream. I couldn’t complain though. My decade long quest that I’d spent millions of Baht of entertainment funds on to find, bar fine and fuck hot 20 year old twin sisters working in the same gogo bar had come to a successful conclusion! I could have a massive heart attack and flat line and I wouldn’t give a damn! My ultimate erotic mission in life had been accomplished at long last! (It’s good to have goals!)

After the girls and I showered and dressed I tipped the twin sisters the 2,500 Baht that I had promised each of them. It had been worth every Baht and more to be the first guy to bar fine and fuck both twins together and to break their virgin mouth cherries for their first blow jobs. God knows I do love being first! Lol… The sisters showed me the back way through an alley to walk them back over to Spanky’s where I said my goodbyes. I should have been satisfied having fucked the two twin sisters but I party hard and the night was still young. As I walked off I headed to my next gogo bar of the night in search of my next bar fine.

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