Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Friday, April 29, 2016

Indian Tourist Has Necklace Snatched on Pattaya Beach..

Pattaya One News reports that on April 28th, a 42 year old tourist from India reported that he had his gold necklace stolen from his neck by two ladies on Beach Road Pattaya. (Ladies???? Ladyboys more likely!!!)

He stated that he was out walking around taking in the sights when two ladies approached him and hugged him. They made advances toward him, but he was not interested and walked away. During his walk, he decided to take a selfie on the beach and was shocked to see his picture that his gold necklace was missing. He returned to the area where the two ladies were as he was sure they had taken it, but they were nowhere to be found.
Total value of the necklace lost is 39, 000 baht. Hmmmmm….

Commentary: Once again another tourist with a 40,000 Baht gold necklace snatched! Isn’t it an interesting coincidence that the value of these snatched gold necklaces in Pattaya is almost always the same? Ok, 39,000 Baht in this case but close enough. I did some research on travel insurance for jewelry and it looks like the majority of the coverage would only cover you for a maximum of 35,000 Baht. Hmmmm….


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