Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Indian Tourist Robbed of Cash by Ladyboys in Pattaya..

From Pattaya One News is the story of a 25 year old Indian tourist that claims as he was waiting for friends outside the Bella Express Hotel in Pattaya that two ladyboys pulled up on a motorbike and approached him in in order to make a new friend. After a brief conversation the ladyboys said their goodbyes and rode off. All was well and good until the tourist checked his bag and noticed that all his money, approximately $1,200 US Dollars, 45,000 Baht and 5,000 Rupees in cash were all missing. Hmmmmmmm…..

Commentary: What idiot would be outside his “hotel” in Pattaya waiting for friends carrying that much cash where he wouldn’t have it hidden in a belt wallet? That’s a pretty big wad of cash to be carrying in a pocket wallet. I can only come to one conclusion after reading this story: “Bullshit!” Lol… Now if he said he lost $20 US Dollars, 5,000 Baht and 500 Rupees I could believe it.

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