Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sex Enhancement Pills for Men - Amazing Erections! These Kick Ass!

Sexual enhancement product review by the Bangkok Partier himself.

Overall I rate this product 5 Stars ***** It works great for me!

6 Packs Miracle Leaf Super 1800 The Ultimate Male Enhancement 72 Hours

Miracle Leaf Sexual Enhancement for Men… Guys here is an honest product review of the Miracle Leaf sex enhancement pills for men. Let me say that like many of you I was skeptical at first. I mean I use Viagra and Levitra when I travel to party with hot sexy bar girls in Asia or South America. But the cost of Levitra has been going through the roof and is now about $20 dollars per pill!

Trying to find a most cost effective solution I decided to check out the neighborhood adult sex toys product store recently to see what they might recommend for off the shelf supplements that's less expensive than prescription ED meds. The longtime manager told me to try the Miracle Leaf product and that it would give a similar effect of prescription Cialis without paying the premium. What the hell so I paid $6 dollars for one pill to try. The dosage is half a pill and you’re supposed to drink 16 ounces of water with it. I assume that’s to lessen any side effects. Well, I wanted to give it a dry run you might say before I had any bar girls in front of me. I drove home, cut the pill in half and drank plenty of water. Within 20 minutes I could feel a bit of a hot flash on my neck. Time for a non-scientific test. I put on some hot porn video’s and it was only minutes later until I had one of the most amazing and best erections I’ve ever had! I mean hard and stiff as a baseball bat and I’m in my 50’s! Damn! This shit works!

I can tell you that it worked extremely well to help me keep an erection for a good hour! More than enough time to get a blow job and fuck a bar or massage girl in as many sexual positions that you can think of! Online you can order Miracle Leaf from Amazon in 6 packs that works out to less than $4 dollars per tablet and keep in mind a single dosage is only half a tablet so that makes your cost less than $2 dollars per dosage! They say the pill will provide benefits for up to 72 hours and that part I find a bit doubtful. You’re not supposed to take a second dosage for at least 40 hours. So keep that in mind.

My honest opinion? This stuff kicks ass! Try it and see if it works as well for you as it did for me. If it does you'll be able to fuck your next bar girl like a porn star sex God with a penis as hard as steel!

6 Packs Miracle Leaf Super 1800 The Ultimate Male Enhancement 72 Hours

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