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Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Rhino - Sex Pills for Men - Product Review

Let me start off by saying that I’m a middle age guy in my mid 50's that likes to party with sexy bar girls when I travel. When you get to your mid 50’s a guy can use an extra boost to keep his dick hard especially if you want to have great sex with 20 year old gogo dancers and massage girls and want to fuck them long and hard like you were a horny teenager again.

Normally I just take Viagra or Levitra which have varying results but I had been reading about the great rock hard erections that guys were getting with Rhino sex pills that you could order without a prescription but personally I remained skeptical. But finally I decided to try one.

It took about 20 minutes for the pill to start taking effect and I have to admit that I not only got a rock hard erection it was like wider and hard as steel! Damn!  Not only that with very little effort I was able to continue to get the hardest erections of my life for the next 2 hours! Damn! Now the packaging says that it will keep working up to 7 days depending on the individual. A pretty bold claim but I did find that this middle age guy seemed to get an extra boost for at least 5 days after taking the Rhino 7!

Will it work as well for you? I don’t know but as for myself I ordered several more and can’t wait until my next trip to Asia to bar fine 20 year old gogo dancers and to keep fucking them at night in a variety of sexual positions like a porn star with a rock hard cock for 2 hours and then wake them up in the morning and go at it again!
The packaging says to be sure to drink the recommended 16 ounces of water 
with one of these babies! I imagine that is to reduce the side effect of headaches the next day.

Sex pills like these aren’t for everybody. Only the guys that want to screw a girl for hours with a rock cock which comes in handy for anal sex too!

 Rhino 7  Sex Pills

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