Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Monday, June 20, 2016

38 Chinese Tourists in Pattaya Abandoned by Tour Guides..

Pattaya One News reports that 38 Chinese tourists were abandoned by their tour guides in Pattaya. The tourists, who are on a pre-paid package tour, claim they were asked for more money by the guides on arrival and when they began to complain about being pressed for more cash the tour guides ran off and disappeared.

The R Con Hotel, clearly aware of what to expect from their fellow countrymen, then refused to allow the tourists to enter their pre-booked rooms until the tour company, who made the booking, turned up and handed over the cash.  Instead they preferred to leave the unhappy group waiting around the lobby and called the police in to deal with them, by removal if necessary.

The Pattaya Tourist Police, to their credit, did the job the hotel staff might have done and called the Tai Wan Gua Tang Tour Company, who made the booking, to make arrangements for payment. After which the Chinese were finally allowed into their rooms.

Police have since located and arrested the two tour guides. But according to the Thai tour guide she said the tour company had hired a Chinese guide to help with translation.
As the Thai tour guide slept, the Chinese tour guide then failed to pay for the hotel fees and fled with the money, leaving the party unable to check into their rooms. 

She says she knows nothing about what happened next and when she woke up in the morning took the group out to Koh Larn Island for the day and was then surprised to be arrested on her return.  She is charged with allowing a person without a valid permit to conduct a tour on her behalf in accordance with the Travel Agency Business and Guide Act. Officers asked her to help locate the mysterious Mr Kun and so she made a phone call to arrange a meeting. He turned up with his passport and was arrested.

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