Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Chinese Tour Guide Bitch Slapped by Pattaya Ladyboy...

Chinese Tour Guide Conned into Meeting a Sweet Korean Girl in Pattaya at View Talay Beach Condo’s…. The Bad News? His Dream Girl Turns out to be a “Burly Looking Ladyboy” Which Bitch Slapped the Chinese Tour Guide into Next Week….

From Pattaya One News: Mr. Song, a twenty-eight year old Chinese tour guide in Pattaya reported that he had been conned and assaulted by a Thai ladyboy and lost property. Ms. Wanisa Ngam-homcheun-sakul, a thirty-year old Thai Tour Guide company owner accompanied her Chinese business partner to Pattaya Police Station to make a complaint. She told officers that her non Thai speaking colleague had arranged online to meet a ‘cute Korean looking lady’ at 3am on July 7 at the View Talay Beach Condominium located next to Hilton Hotel, Central Pattaya.

Waiting in the lobby he could see nobody who looked like her photographs but one person came out of a lift, whom he ignored. Suddenly he was hugged from behind and turned to find a burly looking ladyboy holding on to him. Shocked, he tried to leave but the ladyboy hung onto him until a building security guard, who was watching the CCTV feed, came out to his rescue.

The ladyboy claimed he had spent 1000 baht wasting his time on Mr. Song and demanded payment. Mr Song refused and attempted to make a phone call until his cell phone was slapped out of his hand and damaged. The security guard intervened and tried to calm things down but the ladyboy attacked again and soon a fight had broken out. Mr Song, who has a finger injury and a broken cell phone was upset at being conned, threatened and assaulted by this person and called Ms. Wanisa who took him to the police station to make a complaint.

Commentary: His Korean dream girl turned out to be a 'burly looking ladyboy"! Just too funny!

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