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Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Crazy Man with a Knife Attacks Canadian Expat in Bangkok...

Stickboy Bangkok reports that a crazed knifeman is facing possible charges of attempted murder following an unprovoked attack on a Canadian expat outside a coffee shop in Ekamai on Wednesday night.

The Canadian was having a relaxing drink with his mother at the Coffee Club Ekamai at around 10pm when out of nowhere he was approached by a shirtless man who grabbed and held him by the arm before attempting to stab him in the face with a large kitchen knife.

Luckily the expat was able to dodge his first attempt and as the man took another lunge at him he grabbed the knife to prevent the man stabbing his face, causing minor injuries to his hand.
The crazed knifeman lost balance and fell over giving the Canadian and his mother time to flee. According to an eyewitness, the unnamed man was soon back on his feet, giving chase screaming and shouting in Thai like a man possessed.

The coffee shop manager yelled for the expat to come inside, where his mother had already sought refuge, and held the door closed with other members of staff as the knifeman stabbed at the door and shop windows still intent on getting at his target.

The man was eventually disarmed and held by a group a motorbike taxi drivers who had witnessed the incident. A security guard further restrained him with handcuffs as he was still extremely agitated as they waited for police to arrive.

Commentary: There are nut jobs everywhere! You can't be too careful!

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