Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

My Most Embarrassing Bar Fine Ever…

It was already well past midnight and I had made my way to Soi Cowboy as I often do when I’m in Bangkok. I stopped into my favorite little hole in the wall bar where the girls are friendly and the beer I cold. It also helps that the bar puts on some rather sexy shows later in the night.

After watching some shows the last act was a rather cute and curvy 20 year old dancer that did some performances with blow darts and ping pong balls. Intrigued I invited the showgirl over for drinks after her performance. It had been the last show of the night and the bar would be closing soon. I decided to go ahead and bar fine the dancer and she quickly agreed and went off to change.

While I was waiting I walked over to the mamasan and asked her if I could borrow one of the ping pong balls out of the bucket they had. She looked at me with a rather strange and disgusted look but finally grabbed one of the yellow ping pong balls and quickly rinsed it off. I promised the mamasan that I’d return the ball the next night. I thanked the her and then dropped the ball into my pocket.

A few minutes later the showgirl walks out and is good to go. We walk to Soi 23 and get a tuk tuk to take us back to my nearby service apartment.

After we had both showered I grabbed the ping pong ball and a plastic beer cup and held them up to the showgirl and told her that I wanted a private ping pong ball performance. She wasn’t too keen on the idea and tried to get out of it by saying that she didn’t have any KY. I said no problem and reached over to the bed headboard and grabbed a large tube of KY that I kept there for just such emergencies.

While I laid back the showgirl stood on the bed. I decided to give her a helping hand so I lubed up the ball and inserted it inside her. Well that’s when things went south. I had applied a bit too much KY and had shoved the ball in too deep. Try as she might now she couldn’t get the ping pong ball to pop out. After 5 minutes of trying she had tears running down her cheeks. The ball was stuck! Oh, fuck!

I had her lay down on the bed and I did my best to try to grab onto the ball with 2 fingers but there was too much KY. The ball kept popping back inside her whenever I tried to move it. At this point I was imagining just how stupid I was going look trying to have to explain this to an emergency room doctor at the local hospital without winding up the front page tourist news in the Bangkok Post in the morning.

Finally I had the showgirl stand up on the bed and squat like a chicken while I tried to hook the ball with my finger. After a few more minutes of trying I was able to hook the ball and pop the damn thing out of her love tunnel! The showgirl cried tears of joy…

The next night when I returned to the same bar I walked up to the showgirl who was sitting with several other girls and I pulled the bright yellow (and now KY free) ping pong ball out of my pocket and handed it to her. The other girls all burst out laughing as by now they had all heard the story of what happened the night before.

The moral of my story? Leave the ping pong balls to the professionals in the bar…


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