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Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Phuket Speedboat Propellers Injure Chinese Tourist...

Phuket Gazette: A speedboat crew member was charged for reckless driving and causing injury after an 18 year old Chinese tourist was severely injured when he got caught in the boat’s propeller on Wednesday.

The tourist was aboard the Poseidon 959 along with 33 other tourists. The boat was headed from Phuket to Phi Phi and was moored at Pileh Bay for tourists to swim.

Maj Seksan Boonlert of Koh Phi Phi Police questioned Narudol Thongdee, 20, the crew member charged in the incident.

“Mr Narudol said that the Chinese tourist went swimming. When it got windy and the waves became a little rough, Mr Narudol tried to move the boat so the rocking movement wouldn’t hurt tourists. He said he had no idea the Chinese teenager was near the propeller until he was already injured,” said Maj Seksan.

The teen sustained severe injuries on his right arm and both legs. He underwent emergency surgery and is currently unconscious in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Krabi Hospital.

In January this year, a French tourist was killed while snorkelling south of Poda Island in Krabi after she was struck in the head by a speedboat propeller.

The following month, a Russian diver lost his leg and another was seriously injured after being hit by a speedboat near Maya Bay.

Commentary: Once again an avoidable boat accident in Phuket due to either the boat captains stupidity, lack of training or maybe having a little pick me up. I wonder if they drug tested this guy? You're the captain of a tourist boat with 39 passengers with 3 big ass outboard engines and propellers! I would think you would want to be damn sure nobody is near the propellers when you start the engines! This poor kid will be lucky to survive and even if he does I wouldn't be surprised if he has an arm or leg amputated. The boat propellers were huge! 

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