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Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Showgirls Staff Allegedly Beats Customer Over Bar Bill...

Pattaya One News reports that at 4am on the morning of July 12 the Pattaya Police were informed of an assault on a tourist at the Showgirl Go Go Bar on LK Metro, central Pattaya. Outside the venue an unidentified western man was being treated by medics for wounds to both sides of his face and he was bleeding heavily from a head injury. (Judging from the photo in Pattaya One he also had the piss literally beaten out of him). After emergency treatment he was taken to the hospital.

Witnesses said he ran out of the bar claiming he had been attacked for not paying for a drink. Staff inside the venue claim he had run up a bill of 4,130 baht and refused to pay it. They said nobody working at the venue was involved and that he had been beaten by other guests.

The police were not convinced by this story and asked for CCTV footage only to be told the cameras were not working. The venue manager has been taken to the police station and charged with ‘being open after hours.’ No staff have been arrested for the assault.

The injured tourist was treated at the hospital and then quickly discharged himself after being told that this particular venue has a record of beating up guests and he feared somebody would turn up to look for him in the emergency room. He declined to be interviewed or to identify himself, probably wisely.

There have been many warnings on social media about this venue and westerners have been warned before to avoid it.

Commentary: So the bar claims the tourist was beaten by other guests for not paying his tab? Seriously? Insert laugh track here….

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