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Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Monday, August 15, 2016

Another Bomb Found in Patong's China Town Plaza

PHUKET GAZETTE REPORTS:  Another explosive device was found in Patong yesterday, police confirmed.

A phone-based explosive device was found in China Town Plaza, near where a security guard recovered a similar device on August 10. The device's recovery comes in the wake of bombings across Thailand’s south this weekend, that killed four and left more than 30 injured.

“Two men in surgical masks, hats and gloves came into my shop to buy clothes,” said China Town Plaza shopkeeper Seetala Tanmalathong. “I thought they two were just normal customers. After they left, I went to tidy up the section they were in, when I found a plastic bag with a phone inside it.”

“When I opened the bag, I was shocked to find a phone connected to a power bank with wires and a jelly-like liquid,” Ms Seetala said. “I believed it was a bomb, so I told one of my staffers to drop it into a water bucket, so as to short-circuit the device,” she added.

“After dropping the device into the water bucket, we saw that its light was still on. The staffer then took the bucket in front of the shop and called a security guard,” Ms Seetala said. “The security guard, Mr Kamthorn, quickly carried the bucket, with the device still in it, to a deserted parking lot, before calling for help from police.”

Commentary: Picking up a suspected bomb and dropping it into a bucket of water hoping that will disarm it probably isn't the recommended course of action.

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