Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Korean Has Bag Snatched on Pattaya Beach by Motorbike Thieves...

Pattaya One News reports that on August 8th a 43 year old Korean made a statement to Pattaya Police that his bag was snatched from him in front of Soi 10 Beach Road. Police reviewed CCTV footage from a bag shop which had captured images of 2 suspects on a black Honda Wave but their features were obscured by helmets. After the snatch, they drove onto Pattaya Second Road with the Korean victim trying to chase after the suspects.

The Korean and his Thai girlfriend told the police that they came out of their hotel to walk along the road and stopped to shop when suddenly 2 teenagers, aged around 17- 20 years old, on a motorcycle snatched his bag. He said, the bag contained 4,000 Baht in cash, a Samsung S6 Mobile phone worth 25,000 Baht and other documents.

Commentary: Another warm welcome to Pattaya Beach!!! Have a great vacation!

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