Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Friday, January 20, 2017

101 Walking Street Bars Inspected for Fire Safety and Loud Music

Pattaya Mail News reports that Pattaya and military officials claim at least one Walking Street business is releasing untreated sewage into the ocean behind the nightlife strip. Representatives from city hall and the National Council for Peace and Order inspected 101 Walking Street businesses Jan. 10 following complaints about polluted water and dirty beaches behind Walking Street.
While they were there, the officials checked the heavily modified row houses for adequate fire exits, fire extinguishers and general cleanliness, along with the volume of music being played.
As suspected by many customers for years, many of the go-go bars and discos were found to have inadequate or no emergency exits and fire-fighting equipment. (No big surprise here!)
The tidiness and environmental friendliness of all the businesses was called “poor” by authorities and all 101 owners were served written notice to appear 10 a day before city hall officials to explain how they planned to clean up.

Included in the improvement plans must be upgrades to fire and emergency evacuation plans and explanations of proper wastewater management, authorities said.

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