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Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Australian Tourist in Phuket in Serious Motorbike Accident Denied Medical Travel Insurance Coverage

The Phuket Gazette reports that an Australian tourist, who was reportedly involved in a head-on collision with a truck in Koh Lanta on January 15, has been hospitalized in Phuket with a mounting medical bill that is not covered by her insurance. A 53-year-old nurse from New South Wales, was travelling on a motorbike with her 14-year-old son when the accident occurred. She reportedly suffered a brain injury, fractured skull, punctured lung and eight broken ribs, while her son escaped with minor injuries and has since flown home.

The tourist had travel insurance, but found out she wasn’t covered for the accident. An Australian news agency,,reported that the insurance company rejected the Aussies claim because the moped had enough power to be classified as a motorbike and she didn’t have a licence to ride one.

Commentary: Keep this story in mind guys when you rent a motorbike in Thailand. Your travel insurance can deny you medical coverage if the moped is large enough to classify as a motorbike or scooter and if you don't have a motorbike license and get in an accident you can be denied travel medical coverage like this Australian woman.

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